Sunday, February 19, 2006

Of Cartoon Strips and Assholes

My relatives from the states sent me the following strips that were found in their local newspaper dated quite some time back in the previous month. Following up the overwhelming response to the Danish cartoon strips(click) published and shunned by Muslims worldwide, the illustrations shown below genuinely reflects what the situation really was. I am not judging or making any statements here on the incident that occurred back then, just keeping my distance watching and making a few good chuckles out of it. After all, humans observe and learn. History often leaves us with precious lessons.

From the stips shown above, it is obvious that they mean there are assholes in the world. And the assholes are really, really HUGE assholes, probably as huge as this:

You can most definitely shove up a bundle of 4 AA sized batteries the assholes. Man, what a sad sad fact that we live in a world filled with such pathetic people. Well, I thought that maybe, if just maybe, we could SCREW their head a little bit, their assholes would shrink to the sizes of normal people. If we SCREW them HARD enough, maybe this world will be more liveable.

Boy, what a tragedy the whole incident was.

Side note: Thanks Ah Lian and Ah Beng from the states for the cartoon strips. I pretty much liked them. To everyone else, please find harmless humour in this particular entry and try your best not to take anything serious out of it. is a neutral blog making few laughs out of the world occasionally.


  1. Die liaw u!!!ISA is gonna come looking for you! wahahahahha...

  2. eh i didnt refer to malaysians, and the post has nothing to do with potitical influence anyway.
    it is describing the world generally.

  3. Lets don't kid around and act blur like sotong. The assholes you are referring to are Muslim extreamist.

  4. Assume as you like.
    It is entirely open for free interpretatios. Look at whichever way you like.

  5. hmm..sorry, i got no comment today.

  6. that is as ridiculous as it gets... to post something and insult the "Muslim Extremist" is just utter ignorance.. I don't quite give a shit what your religion is... but to think of it... if ur messenger was insulted... WOULD u Juz keep quiet... would a letter from the editor erase it??? i mean... as pathetic as u can get writing this freaking entry.. i honestly think ur blog is pretty good... excluding this entry.. i think ur juz a dumb ****. juz think about it, jesus probably in a compromising position??? whatever it can be.... it's the mentality of urs that causes such unease... hopefully the next picture i'd see is one depicting jesus being ***.... then we'll see what these supposed NONE ASSHOLES Do... all the best man...

  7. first of all, allow me to make myself clear.
    I have nothing against islamic religion, nor do i have any towards any other religions in the world.
    But lets just face it. The reaction of the "extremist", as you refer to them, was just TOO MUCH.

    Next, it is the letter TO the editor, not "from". Yes, letter to the editor will always be entertained, and this is a conventional, matured, diplomatic and CIVILISED way to handle whatever hatred and offence you may feel against whatever that was published.
    I watch south park, and there they mock Jesus every now and then. I am ok with that. you know why? because south park is a comedy. they make fun of things, they provide homour. I appreciate good humour. though they insult my religion, but just for good laughs, without overstepping my values, I believe jokes like these are perfectly fine. and sorry, Jesus Christ is NOT a messenger, to us He is the Son of God, which ranks pretty much HIGHER than your so called acclaimed messenger. See, I kept quiet. This just proved your second point WRONG.
    what good a cartoon is if it does not reflect what people really thing? honesty is a human trait that fades in time. and I am actually glad some people have the courage to voice up what they sincerely feel, in such artistic and beautiful manner. Humour is after all, a HARMLESS method to speak up freely.
    Liverpool_21, your issue is tolerance, and inability to recognise good sense of humour. lighten up dude, do not take anything from seriously, feel free to perceive it whatever way you like, like I said, this entry is open to intepretations. you chose to feel offended. I feel extremely sad for you.
    dude, i seriously urged you to checj out SOuth Park. FYI, they make fun of muslims there too, and they air it in american television. I do not see any riots there.. guess it is the mentality that counts.
    As much as a dumb **** I can be, I think you are just no more better than me.
    Next time, leave your real name and email address on.
    Your opinion is worthless without an identity.

  8. nicely said on the comment there, robin...though i'm not christian nor muslim..hehe

  9. hey chun chow,
    wahahhaa.. those people gila one lar... we must have tolerance and be open minded most of the time. small matter like this cannot be treated too seriously lar. thats my main point of the post.

  10. Shameer (liverpool_21) email ( 11:13:00 PM


    fair enough... i guess ur right... conceited of me... but i guess it's the timing of such an article.... catch u soon mate... sorry for the arrogance... all the best anyway... i didn't mean to insult u... and i retract the usage of vulgar words..
    sorry... nitez

  11. hey shameer,
    I really apprecaite you leaving ur name and email. Thanks a lot for that.
    no hard feelings taken alright?? to tell you the truth, some of my close friends are muslims, and I really think they are great people.
    u take care, and please come back again to !!!