Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Naked Babe on Dining Table

I have deep appreciation for art, especially when it comes to home decor and interior design. I may have lost my lusts and passion in art generally after I stepped into the torturing, hellish, soul-tormenting, skull splitting world of engineering, but I still find myself drooling over good piece of art, like an abstract painting, or nice vase. I believe everyone has a little artistic side in them, no matter who or what they have become. If we truly pay attention, there is art in just almost everything everywhere.

As I visited Harvey Norman, one of the largest furniture and electronics retailers in Australia, I find myself once again atracted to the art of home living. However, as much as decorations on furnitures facinated me, I could not find a way to truly accept something as ridiculous as the mini-statue/sculpture/figurine placed in the middle of the dining table !!

What on earth are horses doing on my table?? It would be perfectly normal and interesting to place the horses by the sitting area in the living, or at the corner of the room with decor racks to go along with it, but sitting on dining table is just CONSUMING TOO MUCH SPACE.

Why would anyone want an elephant standing in the middle of the dining table? Inappropriately silly !!

What is worse.. a naked man, or a man in deep thoughts of God knows what frozen in the name of art.

Alright, I admit all those mini-statues (I call them mini-statues, any better name?) do look kinda artistic and all and would undeniably add a touch of class to any house, and probably elevate the dining experience on the table. However, this is just not designed to my suit, taste and liking. I may not have that much knowledge in interior design, but hey, there is no way of me adopting such weird style in my future home.

Why would I need a heavy expensive piece of junk on my dining table, if I need to find the trouble to remove it everytime I dine on the table and place it back once the table is cleared, just for the sake of decoration? Why go through such inconvenience? Such non-sense !!

Well, setting all that aside, I generally dislike the design of all those mini-statues anyway, errr... with one exception. Just one.

This one.

I believe no one would mind having a super-sexy and best of all naked lady lying down on the dining table. This would have tripled my appetite anytime I dine. *slurp* This is what I call the true form of ART !!! Creativity just could not go any further than this.

Of course, the real thing would definitely beat the art.


  1. so how much did u pay for that naked statute?

  2. Wahahahaa....
    If I am not mistaken it costed arund AUD500++.. could not remember the exact figure...

  3. i used to work for harvey norman & i can say i'm not surprised! but then if u really want it, u can always haggle, its strange haggling in oz but at harvey norman u can actually do it!

  4. hey,
    whoahh speaking from experience...
    but would it not be wierd bargaining with the caishers ?? I mean, if you purshase something in a bulk, thats ok.. but usually i do not make that kind of purchase..
    wahahhahaa.. speaking from a poor kid here...

  5. is this the same harvey norman that's always advertised on radio here??

  6. hey silverraven,
    yeah, it is indeed the same harvey norman, malaysia also has a branch, somewhere in KL i think...