Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Kuching ~the city of~

I have lived almost the entire of my life away in Kuching, the city of cats. Kuching is one of the major cities in Malaysia (I consider my home city a major city) and the name itself is derived from the Malay word, Kucing, which basically means Cat the meow meow animal in English. Well, perhaps cats dominated the entire city and walked the place once before us evil humans stepped over and conquered it. Therefore, to remember all the cats we have ferociously killed, we have built statues of the cats and placed them all over the places in the city.

As we come in sight with the statues, we offered our silent contemplation as a respect to the cats that have died in the war to save Kuching over total annihilation by humans.

Alright, enough history lessons (which was obviously a lame fiction), now I shall tell you of the places I frequently visit in Kuching and some quick facts to go along with it.

Kuching is beautiful

If you have the chance to go around and observe the places in Kuching, you will find the splendor and beauty in the landscape. Kuching sky is always cloudy, and it rains very often here. Sunsets in Kuching are spectacular. Good shots like these are taken at high rise buildings like Saberkas and the Medan Pelita.

Kuching is haunted

You see, there is a Bukit Hantu in Kuching, which can be directly translated as Ghost Hill in English. Gosh, why would anyone name a place after GHOSTS??? Do you want to buy a house on a Ghost Hill?? Maybe the hill is haunted by the spirits of the dead cats roaming around the city, searching and torturing innocent souls.

Kuching has a river

Sarawak river is well known for its beauty and cleanliness. Yeah right. It was murky and full of rubbish, and filled the air with such strong stench that flies would drop dead at the smell of it. Ok ok, the river was not that bad… to conceal the “truth” I posted up only night shots of the river. Since we do not have many places to go to, Kuching Waterfront is a frequent places for those hopeless couples to have not so romantic walk along the horrible looking river.

Kuching is environmentally protected

In Kuching, you see green everywhere. There are places like Reservoir Park and Taman Sahabat to enjoy the artificially built green environment to indulge yourself in. Read this

Kuching produces inspiration

I usually find my inspiration in Crossway Bookstore at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. It is one of the only surviving Christian Bookstore, which I love to visit and hang around. Uncle Richard, the owner of the place had s strong tie with the students from my previous school, and we still come and see him often, for he had always been an awesome person to everyone. They have really really rare and good stuff available in the bookstore not found elsewhere in Kuching.

Kuching is where the piracy cheaper alternatives for media sources are at

There are famous spots around Kuching to satisfy your need for pirated cheaper alternatives for media sources. CDs, DVDs and Computer CDs are widely sold at various places at much lower and reasonable prices. Why buy original more expensive options when you have cheaper alternatives media sources. You can even get 10 movies in one DVD (read this). What a superb bargain.

Kuching shopping

Shopping is never the best experience to explore in Kuching, but the small city does provide some unique offers are various spots. For best handphones, gadgets and computer related stuff.. Saberkas is where you hunt.

For super expensive clothings and overpriced shoes, burn your cash at Tun Jugah Shopping Mall.

Kuching is where all the good food is at.

Read this, this, this and this.

There are many many many other more good places in Kuching, that I could not fit in this single entry. All the places I described above are just common places, and known to every Kuching people. Life in Kuching is good, for a simple boy like me, who do not need much to be pleased. I lead a simple life, and simplicity is the main sense that one would perceived after touring around Kuching.

Well, after all, Kuching is my home. I would never feel more belonged at other places than in Kuching. I grew up here, I had my best of times and worst of times all in Kuching. Kuching may not offer the best in everything in the world, but it sure has something that other place could never replace. It is peaceful, quiet, slow moving, and excluding the traffic jam relaxing place to be. I will miss this place dearly once I leave to Perth soon, very very very soon.


And night....

But most of all, I will miss the food, and the people(Click) of Kuching.

I am not ready to leave.

Not just yet.


  1. i haven't been to kuching in a long time so most of the landmarks in your pictures are not familiar to me except for that temple sitting in between 2 roads, isn't that where ppl used to house dead bodies in coffins overnight for the funerals tha next day or am i wrong to think that!

  2. hey, dude.......Love Kuching.Lived there for a few months and been there a lot of time. One thing i love about Kch is Cultural shows and exhibitions such as the World Rainforest Festival which i attended last year and hopefully this year's too!!

  3. hey wuching,
    I do not think that temple is the place to house dead bodies !! You must have been confused with other places..
    That is the Tua Pek Kong, one of the famous temples in Kuching.

  4. hey arth,
    They have the world rainforest festival every year !! It is an anual event. Ive never been there, and im gonna miss it again this year, since i will be away for the whole year !!!

  5. I really wanna go visit kuching sometime. I heard it is a very clean city. so when you leaving?

  6. im leaving 9th feb, night flight.
    Err.. its not that clean in Kuching, but comparatively it is less dirtier than many places in malaysia.