Thursday, February 02, 2006

Kuching BBQ at its best

Chinese New Year is the time when Chinese from everywhere around the world would come home and gather in unison to celebrate in such humongous scale. There would be no better time to have a BBQ for my little remaining group of friends from my college days. Great time we had last night for the BBQ, with great food, and awesome people !!

Here are the essence and “must haves” of a GREAT BBQ.


When I had my previous BBQ party back in Perth, I had such a shock to find out the convenience for BBQ there. Well, coming from Kuching where we all had our BBQs done with Charcoal fire had my mouth gasped open wide when I learn the “free-open-just turn the knob-right away bbq” style in Perth. Save the hassles and fuss. Save the green. No open burning with charcoal, yet delicious BBQ with clean gas heated fire. FREE gas mind you.

However, we Kuching people have learned from our weaknesses and mistakes, and improved our BBQ methods. We have derived a much quicker and simpler way to start the charcoal fire, in opposition to the gas heated technology in Perth. We have broken through such unique method that starting the fire has become more fun than just turning the knob.

Gas tanks...

Instant fire start-up !!!

What do you think?? Cool eh?? This is what I call when tradition (charcoal BBQ) meets techonology (our special method of firing up the charcoal)
Well, we are ALL engineers after all. Ok, I admit, I am only ¾ of an engineer.


Of course, having a great party means essentially complete with GOOD music. All we need were:

Battery powered active Sony SUCKS speakers.

Connected to again, Sony SUCKS W800i Walkman/Mobile.

In house DJ that knows how to press the right buttons on the W800i to play the right MP3s.


Of course, we had scrumptious food marinated and roasted on the old fashioned charcoal fire to perfection. Thanks to Chun Chow, we had exotic fresh DEER MEAT as our main course. We also had Sausages and Chicken Wings to go along with it. Everyone was a great cook.

Ok, there were times when things were not so perfect, like fire flaring all the way up to the food and me still having time to take up my camera, slowly focusing on the flame and snap it into the picture above. While everyone else were busy and PANICKING to save the food.


Of course, having the great BBQ with awesome people is unbeatable. Everyone had a good time last night feasting on the food, chit-chatting away and laughing at sweet times we all shared. Perfect time to catch up on the lost times. And share sweet memories we had at different separated places all around the world. This makes our CNY celebration truly something special.

Now that the food is ready, everyone can FEAST !! Ok ok, most of the food was already eaten before reaching the serving table. Like usual, I was in my favourite PINK.

Sweet Wendy serving sweet “teh-bunga” drink.

Everyone enjoyed the night tremendously.


The host of the party had such a great time that he had the BEST ejaculation of his entire life instantly!!!! Now that’s what I call a true happiness. Im glad he liked our BBQ so much..

What an orgasmic BBQ we had.

Side note: Some photos are taken from Chun Chow and Khee Hwa. Thanks in advance for letting me publish those photos. (Ooops, I have yet to ask permission… kehkehkeh) HUGE thanks to the generous host IGNO (the one with the mighty ejaculation) for making the night so special for all of us.


  1. u only got one sheila in the group, gotta find more so more of u can have that gigantic orgasm!

  2. LOL
    oh well, thats what happens when you study engineering. Its not a popular choice here.
    Btw, its an in-the-group only event, and we are keeping it small.
    If only I can have that GIGANTIC orgasm... damned...