Thursday, February 16, 2006

Harbour Town

Oh well, I have got the whole day to myself today, and I decided to take advantage of this freedom. Guess what I did and where I went today.

Oh no no no, I did not go INTO that shop, I was just passing by. well, maybe peeping in a little I can download all the porn I need on the web anyway.

I decided it is time to add something new to my wardrobe. I seldom shop. I seldom buy cloths, I am certainly not one of those guys who would spend every single cent they own on new Nike shirts or Adidas shoes. I am not gonna spend AUD200 just for a piece of T-Shirt just for the brand name of it. The top I am wearing now was probably the same shirt I was wearing since my Secondary years, which was calculatively more than 5 years back. I do buy new cloths every now and then, that is if the stuff is either: super cheap or super fancy. Most of the time, the first factor dominates my decision. Well, this is just me, speaking from the mouth of a financially broken boy. What a pity, that is.

The best place for me to shop for cloths and shoes would be the Harbour Town, Perth. They have just got everything I need and I want there. Added to the open air style of shopping experience, it is just something you seldom get elsewhere, certainly not in Malaysia. The place may not be as HUGE as the Mega Mall, Mid Valley or as classy as KLCC Shopping Centre in Kuala Lumpur, but what makes this particular place my personal favourite is the range of variety and the LOW LOW LOW pricing. Yes, you got that right, almost everything here in Harbour Town is CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP.

Generally Harbour Town is just 2 floors, open to the outdoor atmosphere, but with adequate shades to cover the walkway from severe sun and rain. The entire layout is very spacious, ample walking paths and tall wall to ceiling heights, creating a very relaxing, comfortable and welcoming ambience. Screw all those dim lighted foul smelled air-conditioned conventional major shopping places. The shops in Harbor Town mostly cater general apparels, and there are actually a few factory outlets too.

My first stop was Cotton On. Boy, can you believe the posters?? Nothing over AUD 10 !!! Superb !! And so I went in to check it out. And I just could not believe what I saw... everything was only AUD5, if not AUD10 !!!

And so I bought this shirt. Yes, I know is is PINK, but hey, I like it a lot, I think it looks pretty cool on me !!

The original price: AUD 30 for 2 (one for AUD20 i think)

The discounted price: AUD5 only !!!! Incrediblly nice.

The next stop was my all time favourite FILA. The FILA down here in Harbour Town is not hesitating to make HUGE bargains on ALL their items sold !! 50 percent MINIMUM off any price !! You can find original FILA shoes for as cheap as AUD30 each pair discounted from AUD120, or FILA shirts pricing at AUD10 alshed from whooping AUD30. No kidding. Real deal here.

I bought myself a plain T-shirt.

The original price: AUD30, still considered reasonably cheap though, shirts like this in FILA Kuching would cost around RM120 or over !!!

The discounted price: AUD10 only !! Gosh... this is just delicious.

After that, I strolled along more, and found everyone's favourite place, yes, none other than NIKE. There were no big bargains in there, still everything looks pretty much expensive to me.

Since I have got myself a few new stuff, I have felt quite contented for the day. Two new shirts just for AUD15 in total, what a good bargain here. Of course, I would not spend more on those Ts, since summer is ending, saving money for winter clothings is just the normal thing to bear in mind.

Man, after buying myself new stuff, I must say there is this satisfying feeling walking around with me. I am not sure why, but maybe I have not bought myself anything much new for myself lately. Perhaps shopping is just a form of therapy that men can never truly understand. Women are aliens, that is why they shop so much. Harbor Town may just be their heaven.

Talk about the difference on shopping satisfaction between opposite sexes. Huh !!!


  1. i hate shopping, would rather go to that xxx shop! btw, i'd thought u can get cheaper stuff in malaysia..

  2. omg.
    that was like shopping heaven!
    i love shopping. sometimes i shopped for my bro's clothing too since he rarely buys them like you.

    sobs. discounted price are SO beautiful. aren't they?

  3. hey wuching,
    there are cheap stuff in kuching, but how many cheap "branded" stuff are there in malaysia? most of the discounted stuff are already obsolete and unwanted.... kiam siap malaysians...

    hey cheng sim,
    i know... the price is so irresistable.. you just cant say NO !!! Arrgghhhhh...