Friday, February 24, 2006

Free Penguin

Earlier on today there was the O-Day happening right in my university, UWA, at James Oval. This was the day when all the university clubs and organization come together to promote their clubs to the students, especially the freshies. The stalls were setup for the clubs, and the whole field was packed with so many people at the time I arrived. The clubs and organizations have very very interesting techniques in tricking and cheating luring the students into their clubs. Of course, like usual, I would play hard to catch.

People people people, everywhere !!

The dance club placed three girls to perform some moves to the background grooves, jumping up and down bouncing their boobs, sideways, rolling front and back, etc. I am sure Mariah Carey would be interested to learn some new styles. You gotta admit her dancing skills suck big time. Well, not that any of the girls in the red shirt can do much better.

Malaysia Students Union, placing two large concert sized speakers to turn any passerbys deaf. Noise polution was not exactly the best manner to gain more members, and hearing loss was not the best souvenier for the kind visitors to the stall. Man, look at the girls at the stall.... smiling so eagerly at my camera some more, they must have stuffed up cottons in their ears or something. How can they stand such high decibels ??

This poor fellow almost dropped off the clubs everytime he ended a session. More practise man, more practise.

Two guys, one playing Orlando Bloom and another Johnny Depp. With extra long vibrating dildos swords, stanced in fencing style. If you join this club, you can be either Orlando Bloom or Johnny Depp too !! Wooo hoooo

Some people can get overly excited over the whole event, and got themselves wet instantly. What a good way to tell your potential customers the climatic satisfaction that your club can truly offer.

Japanese Kendo !!! The costumes are way cooler than the pirates !!! They covered up their body until you could not even tell if your opponent is a male, female, or somewhere halfway in between. I guess this makes our critical body components less likely to be targeted. Of course, Kenny Sia would still not be able to fully hide his coconut balls, and it is a free, open target.

I did have a purpose attending the O-Day. I have been wanting to join the OCF (Overseas Christian Fellowship) for a long time, and could not move my heavy ass to do so. I was looking for the OCF stall, and it took me at least 2 full rounds before I found their stall. I signed up for OCF, and got myself invited to the open BBQ at Mathilda Bay tomorrow. Free dinner, how can I say no?? Can you?

Unexpectedly, Optus Mobile Service had a stall right in the middle of the raging wars between university clubs and organisations fighting for members amongst each other. Coincidentally I ran out of credit, so I had to take advantage of this convenience. I got myself a AUD30 reload credit.

Optus was my choice of mobile service due to the free calling minutes they offer. In the plan I chose, I had free 300 minutes calling time to any Optus Prepaid users, anytime, anywhere in Australia. By the way, most of the people I know in Perth are using Optus Prepaid.

And along with the card I bought, came a lot of things.

FREE FREE FREE !!! I got 3 free reloads of AUD2 each !!! Wooo hooooo... Spent AUD30, and got AUD6 rebate !!!

Two writing pens. I have enough pens already, but hey, anything free given away is always welcomed.

And a squeezable penguin not-so-soft toy.

How I wish that would happen if I squeeze the penguin. That would be so cool.


  1. Try squeezin something other than ur penguin la. Poor penguin... btw, the kendo looks cool. maybe u should have joined it and get ur heavy ass kicked instead. !!

  2. i love penguins!
    they're SO cute!
    i pitied the guy in the politics club.
    then again, its nice on how you make it such a great event!
    mine was just line-up of tables in a big hall in between lessons. it was boring. yours was!

  3. hey ivan,
    i can try squeeze ur balls if you want.. waaahahahahaaa...
    yeah, kendo looks cool... and I am so gonna kick asses if i join..

    hey cheng sim,
    yeap, the penguin is so cute.. reminds me of madagascar penguins !!!
    the o-day in my uni was quite grand i must say. there were bands invited to play in the afternoon, but i could not stay to watch. hahahaa... they sure know how to make an event interesting.

  4. hey wuching,
    i think they have that penguin in optus shops anywhere..
    try asking for one.. when you go for reload or something... u using optus??

  5. Ahh...sweet penguin. Oh least I already have mine to begin with.

  6. hey kamigoroshi,
    you also have the same optus penguin??? really???

  7. Was wondering how Uni was going for you....good to see things have not changed with the open day markets in all unis. OCF is great grounds to keep in touch with your own people...of the same faith hopefully. Good for eating as well as "fei-low-ship". Been there...13 years on, all my best mates are from OCF still. Have a good week at uni.

  8. hey chan gang,
    Uni has been good so far, things are strarting up really fast.
    Yeah, really hope ocf will benefit me. Looking forward to the meetings.

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