Monday, February 27, 2006

First Day of Last Semester

Today marks the beginning of the end of my time in the ever-torturing-hell-bound University of Western Australia. As much as I look forward to the start of the semester, I just could not find myself anywhere as enthusiastic as I was when I first came to Perth. Somehow I felt that some things were not meant to be, and I am just a little out of place at the moment. Just a harmless honest feeling I have, that relunctantly held back my spirit and fire in me. of course the thought of waking up at 7am in the morning is what makes me lazy

Well, the day started anyway. As usual on the first day, the university will be jammed with people from God knows where, which is quite amusing when you look at the empty ghostly ample space that occupies the entire university towards the middle of the semester. Attendance has always been at the peak at the beginning of the semester, and at the very end of the semester, just to catch up on the lost tracks before the finals.

My schedule today has not been kind to me. Had class from the morning all the way to the afternoon, filled in between with meetings with project supervisors, head tutors and other normal errands that a student would do in the beginning of the semester.

The administration office did some mistakes in my enrolment, so I have to move my heavy ass down to the student admin to settle some stuff. My timing could have not been better. Just look at the line ahead of me.

And the line visible in the picture was the line OUUTSIDE the student admin office, you do not want to look what was inside. My guess was probably one hour of queue if I am lucky, might end up two hours, no kidding. So I decided to record down the time since I placed my ass along the other asses on the line.

Suddenly, a guy from the admin walked to the students lining at the very back (I was one of those at the very back) and asked what we need from them in advance, and see if he can do anything to get us out of the ridiculously long line. I told him the university did some mistakes in my enrolment, and I just have to change a few details. Surprise surprise, all was done there and then, with that admin guy recording down my student number and details. He said the confirmed changes will be mailed to me in a week or so.

Just like that, I was free to go.

Out of the insane queue. And look at the time.

I was only standing for 3 minutes. Like I said, the timing could have not been any better.

What a hectic day it was.


  1. You got lucky,my friend...u got lucky! Not a lot of people can get away easily from a long Q like that... I just hate queuing....

  2. hey arth,
    yeah, i guess I was pretty lucky myself !! Should have gotten myself lottery or something.. ahahhahaa.. who knows...

  3. is that ur watch? looks like ladies watch & wristband too! ur metro!

  4. hey wuching,
    they have a ladies version for that watch, slightly smaller. does it make me look metro?? cool !!! never thought of that before..

  5. hey robin,

    seeing those pics of perth and uni life just brings back good old memories of life as a student :)

    cool! i didnt know tht they had dirt cheap cd's in perth :P

    anyway, have a good semester ahead of u!

  6. hey christina,
    I didnt know they had that shop until that day too.
    thanks for the well wish