Thursday, February 09, 2006

Fare Thee Well

I am leaving Kuching, my sweet hometown to Perth, Australia tonight, Thursday the 9th of February. As much as I look forward to this day to come, I am now having a heavy heart to leave. I am so not ready for this.
* FIRST blood Sigh*

No you idiot, I am not going to Perth with that boat !!! I am flying with Malaysian Airlines. Yes, we may live on trees in Kuching, but we have aeroplanes in Kuching. We really do !!!

I do not feel like leaving my parents. Seeing them without me (I am the only child in the family) and the thought of them missing me day by day when I am in Perth makes my heart ache like a thousand needles piercing my penis. Serious, at least that was the only description I could come out with for how I feel now. I love my family dearly, and not being there with them for the whole coming year is something that I find rather difficult to bear with.

*DOUBLE sigh*

I am not going to meet my friends in Kuching when I am in Perth. My truest of friends are at Kuching, and you know who you are. No, being in my friendster list do not qualify you as my TRUE friend.. wahhahahaaa... I have spent so much time with the precious friends here that now I wish I have more time with them. All those endless night yum chas, snooker and dota sessions, man... I am seriously gonna miss it like hell. Since I do not have siblings, I treat my friends as my own brothers and sisters, and I cared for them a hell lot. It hurts a hell lot to be away from them for the whole year.

*TRIPLE kill sigh*

I just wish I could stay. A little longer. Well, this is not my first time leaving home and spending my life away from home for a long time. Maybe saying goodbye again is a painful thing to do. And I mean, "again". The first time was hard enough. I thought this time around it would be easier. I am dead wrong. A huge part of me do not want to leave Kuching.

Yet, I have longed to be in Perth again. There is something left unfinished. Mission not completed. There is no sense of accomplishment. However, there is this tingling feeling in me that tells me I have something left undone in Kuching as well. Either way, I am flying to Perth. Goodbye Kuching for now. To my families and friends, my heart cries a thousand tears just knowing that I wont be seeing any of you for such a long time. You all mean so much to me, who am I without you guys !!!


The next blog entry shall be posted from Perth, Australia !! Until then, please wish me safe journey. To my dearest relatives and friends, rest assured that you all have a special place in my heart.

Side note: I have tears running down my cheek writing this entry. Oklah, maybe running down is a little too much, but I do have tears "coming out from my eyes". Does that sound better and more realistic for a guy? Call me emo, call me sissy, call me gay, call me whatever. Goodbye seems to be the hardest word for me to say now.


  1. got tears??? Were you yawning???hehehe

  2. have a safe trip & welcome back to the land of oz! u'll be back in kuching b4 u know it so suck it up! b a man, chinese saying; man sheds blood no shed tears or something like that.

  3. wa time go so fast ah. Still remember the 'contraband' u passed me like it's yesterday, but it's 3/4 months now. hehe. anyway, hope your plane is not hijacked by terrorist and became a cruise missile or something. Don't talk like you really miss Kuching lah. Kuching sux, ain't it? Time to return to your hot Aussie girls :)

  4. Fabby: Yeah I was pastially yawning..

    Wuching: A man is not made to shed tears, but if one does, one of his tears is worth a million tears.

    Tyw: Yeah baby !!! Its summer now... hot babes on the beach.. yummy !!!!!

  5. Kuching girls are too damned ugly for me to miss it anymore. I rather live in Penang, KK, KL, and many other places where not got so many shitfaces. The only thing to miss about Kuching is kolo mee.