Sunday, February 26, 2006

Dirt Cheap CD

In the quiet, slow moving city of Perth, the center for shopping is laid out on two primary adjacent, parallel streets, namely Hay Street and Murray Street. Almost every normal shopping items are avaliable there, and boths streets are overly congested with human traffic during the weekends especially. There are arcades that run in-betweens or connect both Murray and Hay Street, like Carrilon City and Piccadily Arcade. Those arcades consist of more than one floor of shopping area space, with lots more indoor shopping.

Carrilon City is one of the popular visits in the city center. Accessible via both Murray and Hay Streets (Carrilon city runs from one street to the other), this shopping arcade is known for the pricey items such as jewelries and designer cloths. The interiors and walkways are pretty much well decorated and built with a sense of class. There is also the Carrilon Food Court located at the Lower Ground level that caters a wide variety of food ranging from Asian to Italian Cuisines.

In my recent visit to Carrilon City, I found a shop which I have never quite noticed before. Dirt Cheap CD shop.

Usually I would not give much attention to such offers, because I can get all the cheap CDs supply I need back home in Malaysia where Piracy roams the land like birds flying freely. Yes, I am not ashamed to admit I do buy pirated goods, but hey, why not try the cheaper and more value for money alternatives? Anyway, the available music and movie titles offered by the pirated althernatives are somehow limited to the latest release and high demands. That is the reason why sometimes I still buy CDs and DVDs in Perth, though more expensive comparatively, but the titles just could not be found elsewhere, and definitely not in Malaysia. Some call it "rare items".

And so I walked in the store. For a store selling cheap CDs, this certainly looks very good. The music titles are sorted out by artist names alphabetically, from A-Z. I had a brief run through all the CDs from front to the back of the shelves, they have a unique collection, ranging from oldies, classics, to modern day music. The CDs start at selling price of reasonably cheap AUD 10, and up to AUD15 for newer releases. Though the collections are not up to the current release updated, there are plentiful of newly released albums, all selling at AUD10-15 only. Avril Lavinge, Bryan Adams, Nickelback, Mariah Carey, and some other artists that circulate the airwaves presently are all available in that shop. This is a great bargain, considering the similar original CDs selling at other place with much higher pricings, starting AUD20 and onwards.

Well, not only the shop is selling cheap CDs, but the sound system there is very lame as well. Just a mini hi-fi stanrd stereo component systems to power up the whole store. The two-way speakers lack of power and sound fidelity to bring out the "oooommmmp" of the music. This, after all is CHEAP.

I browsed through the C to D section of the collection, and found what I was eagerly searching for. Yeap, anyone who knows me well enough will figure this out already.


She was the female vocalist who gave us the hits like "Beauty and the Beast", "Because You Loved Me" and the radio over-played single of all time "My Heart Will Go On". I love Celine Dion. She is my inspiration, her songs are often uplifting and motivating. I find her voice rather powerful and I have enjoyed her work all the way back since 1997. I saw a few of her latest albums like "Miracle" (2005) and "One Heart" (2003) selling at AUD10. Wow... given a choice bwtween pirated CD and original, I would definitely go for original, given that the pricing is as tempting as the one in this shop !!

Since I am quite a huge fan of Dion, I already have equiped myself with a handful of her past work, and collecting her albums has been one of my hobbies. The following is the list of my already-collected albums by Celine Dion:

"Celine Dion" - 1992 - Original Cassette Format

"Colors of my Love" - 1994 - "Burned CD"

"Falling Into You" - 1996 - Original CD Format

"Lets Talk About Love" - 1997 - "Burned CD"

"These Are Special Times" - 1998 - Downloaded Mp3

"All The Way" - 1999 - Original CD Format

"A New Day Has Come" - 2002 - Pirated CD from Kenyalang

"One Heart" - 2003 - 2003 - Pirated CD from Kenyalang

"A New Day, Live in Vegas" - 2004 - Original CD Format

Alright, looking at my records of Celine Dion songs, I do not think she is going to be very happy with me. Oh well, considering my financially broken status all these while, having cheaper alternatives for audio media pirated CDs lah... duh is definitely a blessing in disguise for me. Lecture me all you want on the copyright bullshits and all the why-I-should-buy-original crap, I just could not bloody afford original CDs. Pirated goods are simply Godsent.

Back to the Dirt Cheap CD shop, I found one Celine Dion French albun I have never seen before. It is titles "Amour", A french hits compilation of Dion's earlier works. This is a rare finding, and most probably wont be seen in Malaysia. Just for the price of AUD10, why not?

This is a two CD collection some more !!! Super-Deal !!

I am listening to the songs from the CDs now, and I do feel weird, because those are French songs. I have not a slightest idea on French, and I gotta admit the music is alien to me. But hey, as long it is Dion, and the way she carries the songs, I am purely satisfied with this purchase. There are two CDs, Original CDs, at only AUD10 !!

Dirt Cheap CDs indeed.


  1. celine dion! u gotta be kidding me right? or well, everybody has their own individual taste hor..

  2. Hey wuching,
    I love celine dion !!!! No kidding !!!

  3. yea he's a freakin fan of celine dion. i find her voice very irritating esp if ur exposed to it for quite a number of songs. ewww...

  4. Hey ivan,
    wahhahaa i knew you are gonna say something bout celine dion.
    i am exposed to dion for years. the same goes for millions of her fans. i find myself liking her songs more and more each time i listen to her music, unlike most songs nowadays u get bored after listening just for few times.