Friday, February 03, 2006

Black RISKS Jack

On the third night of Chinese New Year, there was a gathering of the saints at Moses' place. I turned down two other relatively significant plans with friends and cousins, just to be there for the gathering. A gathering of more than 30 people, young and old, big and small, but sadly, ALL guys. There were all sorts of activities.

The entire house was broken down into three seperate portions: Black Jack table, Mah Jong Table, and Risk Table.

Yes, you heard that right, we played RISK for Chinese New Year. Since the Black Jack table was infested full of unknown strangers not familiar to me, and I am totally blind and hopeless in Mah Jong table, I had no other options but to head for RISK. Yes. The board game.

I personally think that idea of having RISK for CNY was lame, because:

More than half of the people there do not play the game, and never touched the game before. Sadly that includes me.

The game takes HOURS to be completed. Well, how many hours do we have in one night?

I was losing all the way from the beginning, I suck big time on RISK.

The rules of the game were super complicated, even those who claimed to know how to play the game were confused at many, many times.

I do not see how the game fits in Chinese New Year. It is like playing snake and ladders for CNY all night long. The game sadly involved throwing dices all along.

Come on lah, I am over 21 years old, and almost everyone on the table also was, and we are still playing board game?

After being beaten flat suffering from great boredom, I decided to hop to another table. Black Jack. Screw the overly serious looking dealers and players on the Black Jack table. I just wanted to escape RISK for sure. I wanted to feel miserable NO MORE.

There I had more luck. And I was familiar with the game. Once I rested my round butt on the chair of the Black Jack table, I ruled the game !!!!

Double 7 !!! Double the return !!

Banglat !! Ush Ush Ush !!!

Ngo Liong (Five Dragons) Ooooommpphhh !!!

Anyone cared to guess how much I won the other night?? Hmmm?? Ok, I think everyone on the table (all strangers anyway) gave me the one-kind-look on me photographing every huge winning cards. Feeling uncomfortable, I stopped. Maybe people were not happy seeing a stranger winning continously. Of course, I had MORE of such winning cards, unphotographed.

I am now so deeply in LOVE with Mr Money Cash... Ohhhh yeah baby...

Side Note: I had a great time in the gathering, though RISK was a little inappropriate. Thanks Moses for hosting such event, it was a good one. By the way, our local Black Jack, called the Bang Lat does have dissimilar rules with the internationally recognised version. There are variations in playing style and cash distribution.


  1. did it feel weird taking pictures in front of all those strangers? ur lucky they didn't throw u out! LOL!

  2. It was weird, really weird, that was why i did not start on that black jack table, because most of them were strangers to me.
    Thats why after a while i stopped taking pictures. They must have thought I was an alien or something.

  3. hey robin,i'm sikui tan, it's my first comment, i'm sorry but i had to cap my letters to make my points clearer...

    I LIKE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It rawks, keep up the good work. Just cos i didn't post comment doesn't mean i didn't check ur blog. A low-life, failure like me will always had the time to check ur blog, so no worries be happy and keep blogging.

    Abt the new year bash, i missed another year, tho.... Really long time didn't meet with the gang liao.Sigh.

  4. hey TYW..
    really that good meh??? thanks for constantly checking this place up. Glad that u like it.. kehkehekehkeh...
    nolar, you never were a failure, and never will be. none of us see you that way. u are one of the guys i look up to.
    yaloh, too bad u were not around. cny would have been better with u in da gang... wahahahhaa...
    U keep blogging too !!! I laughed myself up reading some of ur posts too.