Thursday, February 23, 2006

Annalakshmi Restaurant

The evening with Pak Lah was not over just yet. Right after Pak Lah left the building and everyone else making their exit, I found myself in a group of newly met friends from other universtities and off we went to fulfill our everlasting hunger. Yes, you heard that right, the food provided for that event with Pak Lah was not enough to kill any of my our hunger !!!

After a brief discussion, we decided to go for Indian food. We chose to dine at the Annalakshmi Restaurant near the Bell's Tower adjacent to the Perth CBD. Ok ok, I know the Indian name is weird, and I have no right to make fun of it, but "Anna + laksh + mi" sounds so much like "Mana Laksa Mee" !!!

The main attraction I noticed instantly upon arrival was the perfect location of the restaurant, strategically placed with magnificent Perth landscape and breathtaking sunset river view. The restaurant is just beside the river, and probably 10 minutes walk away to the Perth city center.

View of Perth City from the front of the restaurant.

Sunset view of the river from the back of the restaurant.

The layout of the entire dining area is spacious and sparks a touch of luxury. The place was finished with Buddhism and Hinduism decors. The music was an awful pain to my ears, but other than that, I pretty much like the feel and overall presentation.

The restaurant serves Indian, vegetarian food in full buffet style. Eat all the vegetables you want. The dishes are common Indian specialties, such as curries, and other food cooked with herbs and spices. My first thought was like, awwww.. sucks how come no meat.. man... this was not going to suffice my carnivourous appetite. However, considering the ambience of the whole setting and wonderful views outside the window, I started to find reasons to forget my meat cravings. Being vegetarian for one night wont kill me, and it will do my health a great favor. No no to fat and cholestrol.

The curry with potato.. YUCK Yummy...

My plateful of rice and err.. UFO (unidentified "food" objects)

Honestly, I do not know what this is either. But judging from the small bowl serving and the sweetness of the texture, this is the desert. It was crunchy, with slight taste of butter, milk and nuts.

There is an interesting point to note about the restaurant. There were NO fixed pricings on the premise. You are free to pay whatever amount you are willing to fork out, or think is appropriate for the meal you were served. Generous people wil go up to 50 bucks, well, for a poor financially broken boy like me, I only can afford 10 bucks. I should have paid less, for I sincerely think the food I consumed did not add up to that amount anyway. Well, remember the 10 bucks I received from the Pak Lah meeting the students event previously? Yeah, you can guess where the 10 bucks went.

Down my throat into my food digesting organs. And soon after that out of my systems.

The views may be spectacular, the food may be good, but what makes the dining truly awesome was this:

Having a feast with such lovely ladies makes my life feel much more worth living.

Side Note: After we finished our dinner and off the table, the person clearing up the table suddenly barked at us for not finishing the food, claiming the waste we made, in such an impolite manner. I wanted to shout back at that jerk "I finished my food lar, it was the girls that never finished their plates" Obviously, we were not eating for free, we PAID for the food, so whatever that we had not finished we have already covered. What the F***? That just got his right to complain on us not finishing the food OFF.


  1. hey arth,
    yeah, to be honest, didnt like the food so much...
    I was just about to link you up my blog !!! wahahhaa... such coincidence...

  2. cant blame the food didnt actually taste good,aye??
    After all, u guys paid for it!

    Dude, hope u dont mind i linked u up in my blog. Easy to catch up on you and all....

  3. you all should be barked at -do not be kashu. Take wat you can eat -don't waste food.u always can help u-self for a 2nd round or more.

  4. hey, I finished my food ok.... why me??
    well, its just that the leftover was not that much in quantity anyway, and for goodness sake, the food was cheap food, of rice and vegetables. How much can that cost to match up our generosity in paying 10 bucks per person in return?

  5. i agree with anonymous, whoever didn't finish their food should be barked at like a dog, so wasteful even if u paid for it! no appreciation for how lucky they r, don't let me lecture them about starving children across the world liao!

  6. hey wuching,
    yeah, bark all they want, but that was a buffet !! people will try to eat as much as they can, sure some times after a few rounds, you wont be able to finish the plate !! It is just normal.
    besides the amount was not that much anyway. besides "barking" at us, why not the person just kindly tell us to finish our food next time with a polite manner?

  7. WTF! ask the guy to finish for u lar.....since u pay for it, tell him u treat him eat the leftover mah!

  8. hey telemax...
    interesting choice of nickname, hhahahaa....
    wah, asking the guy to finish the half-eaten food, sounds very generous to me.
    Im afraid after doing that he wont only bark, but BITE us...

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