Friday, January 13, 2006

Unusual Advertisements

Previously on, we have seen many unusual and unique advertisements or promotional tecniques that no other place has revealed before.

Refreshing your memory, first off we have a banner promoting Malay food, with Spaghetti as the main item on the banner menu. Intriguing to say the least. Using European food to advertise Malay food. How weird can it get?

Next, we have the Table Top Advertising, where advertisement is placed on the sticker plastered on dining tables at local coffee shops. How cheap is that?

Also, there was the PC advertisement, positioned right by the vehicle passing roadside, with very sexy dummy to scare the shit out of you in broad daylight catch your attention. Creative, to say the least.

Not to mention, something as cheap as a tennis ball is utilised to promote rather more expensive products, such as RADO watches and CANON Digital Cameras.

Enough for the rounding up, now lets proceed with something new and fresh. One day my dear friend Jason brought me out for lunch, and we drove around Kuching. Of course, like usual, I will definitely notice something rather out of normal. Well, actually it was Jason who originally noticed it, and since i bring my precious baby camera with me wherever I go to, I snapped the following pictures, and here they landed at last.

Now this is what I call interesting. Just using papers and ink, maybe some cello-tape to fix up the tag board "BUY ME", while placing the item right out front, in the middle of no where. Notice that the front of the cars were facing inward, away from the roads, and obviously the cars advertised are not meant to be noticed by passer-bys' at the main road. Now, this is really what I call cheap advertisement.

I bet that the paper used for the tag board "BUY ME" was not water-proof. With Kuching weather than rains every single day at this time of the year, would it not be troublesome?

Well, after all, its cheap.

Side note: I shall be travelling to Bintangor and then to Sibu in the coming days. Hence, I will be unable to update until I come back from the trip. I will start blogging once I touch my laptop again.


  1. err ... i dont see "Malay food" in the banner also, i only see muslim food and i think if the spaghetti is halal then can consider as muslim food also what ?

  2. haha i think malay words have been coined by taking engliish words :) hahaa wats new man. i mean wat is spaghetti in malay?

  3. Ok, i have mistakenly typed it as Malay food, but please kindly revisit the link to the previous post, i referred to them as Muslim food back then. Sorry for the confusion Wingz.

    Anyway, my point is, Spaghetti is not Malay, nor Muslim food. It is Italian in origin (may be wrong in this...) and it is just unusual for local people to claim it Malay/Muslim food.

    yeah, good point yee lin.. what is spaghetti in malay hurr???

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