Sunday, January 08, 2006


I love tennis. I adore tennis. However, I am never good at it. I honestly admit I suck in it. But I still like it. And I am pretty much addicted to it. No, Sharapova and Kournikova have nothing to do with my love for tennis.

Ok… maybe Sharapova and Kournikova do have everything something to do with my interests in tennis.. just a bit… just a bit… slurrpp..

My precious 200G

I have been wanting to play tennis recently since I came back to Kuching. Sadly, Tennis in Kuching would never be as enjoyable as it was in Perth. Here are the reasons why:

1) Kuching rains too much. At this time of the year, it rains everyday. For you dummies who never knew what tennis is, it is an outdoor game. Rain = no tennis.

2) Kuching sun is harmful. I do not know how true the claim was that the UV rating in Australia is much higher in comparison with Kuching. I can play for the whole afternoon in Perth, at the end of the day, my skin is nothing but a tone darker. In Kuching, I only have to play for one hour, and I will look like roasted prawn. Sunburn is not pleasant, and I hate the peeling part.

3) I sweat like a pig when I play tennis in Kuching. It’s the weather I guess, and it is just less comfortable playing back here.

4) There are no decent places for us to play tennis in Kuching. Sadly, for a financially handicapped boy like me, tennis at local clubs is a big no no.

My frequent tennis spot.. old court from my old school.. in very old shape now. sigh.. well, at least its free.

Above all that, tennis is still enjoyable. I know I can complain about a lot of things. Well, since Mr Money Cash has not even returned to Mr Wallet, I could not even afford to get a set of tennis balls.

Sadness, that it is, until I saw this at the Tun Jugah Shopping Mall.

Yes, thats right, that is a tennis ball.

Surrounded by very very expensive watches.

Wow.. using a tennis ball that costs probably no more than RM3 just to promote RADO watches that may very well worth more than a handsome RM1000 each. I never knew Tennis is regarded at such high class. This is truly remarkable. Man, for the first time, I am actually proud to be a tennis player.

Apparently RADO is one of the main sponsors of Australian Open, one of the four main events of tennis tournaments (Grand Slams) throughout the year. Still, using tennis balls to promote watches.. gosh.. I have to be honest.

It is CHEAP and very LAME.

Why not stick Sharapova’s poster up instead. That should do the trick. Yeah baby..


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