Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Signs and Tags

Perth is truly a remarkable place to be. One stare closer around the spot where ever you are, most likely you will notice the unusual traits and marks along your journey. Take your time, look around, you will see things that you may not expect to see. Some, are uniquely interesting to say the least.

You shall dance on the unstable edges. Make some groovy moves. Yeah baby.

When ever there is children around, the water will automatically turn hazardous. Otherwise, the water shall remain safe always.

Please do not commit suicide and poluting this beautiful beach by throwing yourself into the rocks. We do not want a haunted beach. No.

Bad Karma does not make stealing illegal, does it? By the way, I do not believe in Karma, so stealing is ok for me? No ??

Yes, we have plentiful of FREE cooking gas in Perth. It is for public use, and it is unlimited. How cool is that?? Screw old-fashioned BBQ with charcoal.

What what what !!!! There are free PRAWNS in the river ????

Perth is famous with inspiration producing. Visit the factory, and you can "BUY" inspirations. You see, I am always full of inspiration. YAY !!

Enter, and the rocks shall fall upon you.

Why would anyone name papaya as "paw paw" ?? Weird, but rather cute.

That was the scribbled white board of my room-door back in my Currie Hall days. Yay, I am branded generous by Aidan.

Now this is my personal favourite.

Try feeding the bird. They most likely will fly all the way up to you and shit on you !!!! How fascinating that is?? (S.O.Y = Shit On You)

Thats all for now, more signs and tags coming soon on


  1. do u know some of those public bbq stove get peed on by kids who have nothing better to do?!

  2. serious??
    well, that does not happen in perth thankfully...

  3. People use the BBQ stoves quite frequently, and i happen to walk pass them very often. As "sua ku" as Kuching people where you do not get those "canggih" stuff, I would certainly check out the BBQ stoves every time.

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