Thursday, January 19, 2006

SIBU ~ the food of ~

In my previous entry I described in detail my journey by express bus from Kuching to Sibu. Arriving in Sibu… Gosh.. there were so many to blog about. The food, the places, the people.. et cetera.
Since I am overly obsessed with food a food lover, I shall blog about the food in Sibu first. Yup, Sibu is the place to find cheap, yet surprisingly yummy food in agreeably generous portion in every serving. With just RM3 or less, one can have a simple yet decent complete meal for any time of the day. Economical? Definitely so, in comparison with my hometown Kuching, or even Kuala Lumpur.
I was very lucky to have relatives in Sibu who are very kind and brought us around sampling the goodies from place to place. Most of my meals there were paid for… I do feel a little paiseh, but I guess that is just how good old Chinese tradition goes. When some relatives from far pay a visit, they must be treated with bigheartedness, which would often be plainly shown by affection and satisfaction none other than treated food, food and more food. That is also one way to express our respect and honor towards the visitors.
The following are the food that I had the privilege to sample within the limited time I spent in Sibu.


Plain Kampua Mee

Kampua Mee in Red Sauce

Of course, the most famous and sought after food by people in and out of Sibu would be the Kampua Mee (Mee = noodles). I believe Kampua Mee is parallel to Kolok Mee in Kuching, but prepared in slighty different manner using more or less the similar ingredients. It consists yellow noodles in oil fragranced by onion and garlic, served with Char Siew(roasted pork). I have tried Kampua Mee at several places, and I personally like each and every single one of them.


Good and cheap seafood can also be found almost everywhere in Sibu. My family was treated with crabs, cooked in reddish looking sauce. It is troublesome to feast on crabs, their shell is hard, and lots of effort must be labored in crushing and bashing the shell before obtaining the meat from inside. Considering the fabulous taste that awaits underneath the shell, I guess it is worth the trouble. Like every other food, the crabs served locally in Sibu stood out evidently in taste.

Red Crabs

Take a closer look at the picture, take note of the HAMMER.

Yeah, hammer is used to CRUSH the poor miserably cooked crabs, easing the process of getting into the meat. Yes, the same hammer used to break open the human skull scattering the brains drive nails, used as an eating tool on a decent restaurant table in a Chinese Restaurant. How cool is that??

And of course, from all the bashing actions, pieces of the remaining crab to tend to be dispersed randomly at considerably a large radius away from the center of the table.


I loved Gubak Mee in Kuching. However, I find the Gubak Mee in Sibu rather dissimilar than those found in Kuching. In Kuching, we are offered to choose noodles dry or in soup. In Sibu, they only have Gubak Mee in soup. And the soup is herbal in flavour. Though I hate those Chinese Traditional herbal remedies and stuff, I have to admit I like the Gubak Mee in herbal soup, and I find this very interesting, being served in public.


Wantan in soup

Special 3-layer Teh-C-Peng

Alright, the wantan found here in Sibu, I consider almost similar with the ones in Kuching. I was served free wantan in soup, free of charge at a coffee shop operated by one of my relatives, along with a glass of special The-C-Peng Special. Thumbs up for the well prepared wantan !!!


Kong Pia with Bak Cho

Special ABC

Another distinguishing dish of Sibu would be the popular Fried Kong Pia with Bak Cho fillings. (Kong Pia is a type of bread/bun, and Bak Cho is a specially prepared minced pork with seasoning) The Kong Pias were served piping hot, and the outer layer of the bun was crispy, covering soft texture inside it. The Bak Cho filling is just the right flavor to go along the Kong Pia. This definitely enters my list of favourite food. I finished the round of meal with icing cold and sweet Ais Kacang. Refreshing, that was. And amazingly delicious, I guarantee it.


My relatives in Sibu do rear animals for food in the backyard of their home. Ducks and Chicken basically. The chicken are fed with corn, and grew up without any artificial hormones or growth accelerating injections used on commercially grown chicken found elsewhere.

Sadly, one of them had to be sacrificed, and turned into this….

Hats off to the fallen chicken, for he has fulfilled his destiny in a glorious manner. The destiny, of course was to satisfy human hunger. For a little chicken, such accomplishment is regarded as note-worthy and the death was not in vain.


All in all, I enjoyed Sibu food tremendously. Many unique feasts are not available elsewhere in the world, making Sibu such a unique dining place.

Screw KFC.

Sibu is where I want to be !!! At least for food.

*burp* *burp*


  1. ohhhhhh....(drools.....) u make me home sick now! missing all that delicious food! :(

  2. oh well, that was what I originally intended... *evil laugh* muahahahhahahahahhaa

  3. well done, Robin. this is a really cool introduction with good photos which i would forward it to all my non-malaysian friends and add it as one of my favourite websiste.

    thank you so much for gathering and sharing all local yummy foods in Sibu.

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