Friday, January 20, 2006

SIBU ~ the City of ~

During my visit in Sibu, I had a brief stroll along the city center. Walking around the shops congesting the whole area was a memorable experience. There were impressive landmarks spotted from place to place around the city. The sight of Sibu city is simply beautiful.

Like Kuching, old shops that probably opened 20-30 years back are still running in business on this very day. Somehow this scene brings a traditional feeling blended into the modern society today.

Look at the photo below, a trishaw!!! Gosh, I could not imagine how long has it been since I have last used, or even heard of that word!! And I had actually seen one in Sibu!!

Yeah, Wisma Sanyan is a must visit venue in Sibu. It is the ONLY sky scrapper that stands tall protruding from surrounding buildings of mere 3-4 stories high. The exterior looks typical of those buildings found in big cities like Kuala Lumpur. Of course, the shopping mall in Wisma Sanyan was my target for my trip to Sibu.

Man, I gotta confess, Wisma Sanyan beats any shopping mall found in Kuching flat !! Shopping in Kuching sucks big time. Not only Wisma Sanyan is few folds larger than the shopping malls in Kuching, but the items available there are of wide variety and considerably cheap in pricing. How I wish Sanyan is in Kuching.

See, even the Rubbish Bin is made of Gold!! Amazing, don’t you think?? Well, here is a suggestion, why not make the toilet seat Gold?? Why not??

The waterfront of Sibu is also nothing short of beautiful. Though the water of the river is nowhere as clear or blue as the water in Perth, I still find myself enjoying the view at the river. It portrays a very relaxing and refreshing feeling. Well, of course, it would have been better if the water would not look so much like The-C-Peng.

The statue of white goose can be found at several places around Sibu, besides the previously shown in city center. Here is one at the waterfront. Like the Cat symbolizing Kuching, Goose symbolizes Sibu.

Sibu may not be as huge and modern as huge modern cities like Kuala Lumpur or Singapore, but Sibu itself is a unique place and being there, my eyes were opened to many beautiful things that I never thought I would see there. It is laid back, pretty much slow paced, and relaxing place to be.