Sunday, January 01, 2006

People I Met Recently...

Ok, screw the previous entry. Lets just say, errr.. I had my PMS I was in a mess when I made that entry.
So here is a proper, fresh, new one. For the past few days, I felt my balls grew larger than Kenny Sia's Coconut Giant Balls very priviledged to have crossed paths with two interesting and awesome characters. Yee Lin and Wai Nyan.

Yee Lin is sweet. Yee Lin is cool. Yee Lin is HOT. She was first introduced to me through a fellow friend and newly launched Clouded Pawn blogger Mike through a night out at the local cafe, Bing. I was surprised to find her soooo easy going, blends with the crowd of total strangers newly met friends and can actually create such light and "together-ness" atmosphere for everyone. (together-ness, ok, i know something is wrong with my vocabulary... aiks.... )For a poor broken soul hopelesss fellow normal fellow like me meeting her, I feel deeply honored. Thanks again Mike.

A plain casual night out was spiced up with Yee Lin and her Boyfriend present !!

Oh have I mentioned that Yee Lin is a national squash player? Yeah, she has accomplished considerably a lot at such young age. Truly a wonder. She has a passion for tennis too, YAY !!! Thats a huge bonus point for ya !!!!

She was there too at the new year eve countdown at SOHO. Something happened to the host of the party.. and I would not want to go much into details.. its a mixture of funny and sad stories. But, with everyone around, and with Yee Lin joining us, the night has worked out fine after all !!! I was angry and I could Breathe Fire... but soon after the countdown begins, man... everything went good.

I am glad to cross paths with Yee Lin. Lets just hope she had a great time with us a bunch of interesting Thomians.

Also, earlier on the day of New Year eve, my friend Ivan drove me out and unexpectedly, Au Yong Wai Nyan was with us. I am a religious reader of, Wai Nyan's blog. We exchanged fire back in those glorious days of school debate, and we met each other occasionally. (Kuching is small after all... man)

Wai Nyan and me, check out our similar pose, left hand in pockets !!! Cool eh??

This person was awarded the runner-up prize for the National Public Speaking competiton in 2005, (which i think he deserves to be number one) and was fully sponsored to London to participate in the international public speaking conpetition. Man... how many people would get this chance? Or rather let me rephrase this.. How many people are capable of achieving such greatness at such young age? Man.. Wai Nyan is truly awesome.

Another reason why I look up to Wai Nyan is his devotion to Christianity. He seems to have a neverending supply of faith in Christ. He never fails to spread the Good News, and the joy and love he found in Christ with those around him. Just check out, and you guys will know what I mean. More than often i find undiscovered strength and inspiration by reading his thoughts and musings on the blog. I truly thank God to know of such person in my life. Wai Nyan is one guy I would want to see how he is doing, in 20 years time from now. I believe he will be someone well respected and recognised by then. I just know it.

To Yee Lin and Wai Nyan, it's really a great honor knowing you both. Happy New Year 2006, and may your dreams and wishes be granted. The blessings of the Lord be with both of you always, and peace be with you !!!

Cheers.. for the new year hath cometh.


  1. wah, i just read this blog entry about 5 months after u posted it! (i googled my name and came here.. how vain) thanks for the kind words.. enjoy perth!

  2. hey wai nyan,
    yeah... 5 months is.... a rather long time.... ahahhaa...
    anyway, you take care too, and stay strong in Christ !!

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