Saturday, January 28, 2006

of Prosperity and Charm

It is that time of the year again, and all Chinese from every corner of the world shall come together...

It is Chinese New Year, and I am here blogging away.

Of course, MORE Ringgit Notes Ang Pows are most welcomed!! Money money money !!! Yay !!!

Urmm, since I will be leaving back to Perth soon after Chinese New Year, Malaysian Ringgit will be troublesome to bring along. Would it not be more convenient if just give my Ang Pow money in Australian Dollar notes? Save me a lot of trouble mah...

Ok ok, I admit that was too far and selfish, hahahhaa. The truth is, the amount of Ang Pow cash an ordinary guy like me would receive inevitably decreases with time, which means the older you get the less Ang Pow money you receive. (Please refer to the chart below for illustration)Well, at my age, I should not complain, and be thankful to receive any Ang Pow, if there is any for me at all. Man, its so not fair that young kids get so much Ang Pows. What would they need all those money for? Its so not fair that they get more and yet they need not what they receive.

To all loyal readers, have a great time this Chinese New Year !!

Hug and French Kiss as much as you could

Shake as many hands as you can. Squeeze harder on each shake.

Eat all the CNY goodies you want. Bak Kua, Ong Lai Ko, endless fizzy drinks... eat until you puke..

Extort as much Ang Pows as possible. Its the only time for free cash, and you will get less year after year. Go for it.

Burn as many fireworks as possible. It is only fun, because it is illegal !! Try bombing your neighbours cats and dogs. Or passing cars. Or an old aunty walking by the unfortunate lane. The expression on her wrinkly face and her croaking voice cursing back at you are simply priceless !!

Gamble as deep as your pocket goes. The more you bet, the more you win. Even if you lose, there are ways to repay the debts. Be creative, use your natural assets. You have nothing to lose.

And drink as much as your belly holds. Alcohol is the essence to a good celebration. Drink it up buddies !!!

Wishing you all a very prosperous and happy Chinese New Year!! May your coming year be flooded with cash and abundant health.


  1. ur complaining bout ur angpow! i get squat! (something for u to look forward to..hehe) :) kongsi kongsi!

  2. I want MORE ang pows !! hehehe
    Gong Xi Gong Xi...

  3. Happy Chinese New Year to u too..!

  4. my angpaos never exceed 300 bucks each year...u know..some of my friends get like 1K-2K for angpaos...

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  6. I seldom feel crappy, i am more happy than sad, though my life may be disirganised but i am in good control of it.
    So no thanks "affirmation of wealth"....