Monday, January 30, 2006

of cars FLYING

This is the second day of Chinese New Year, and here I am, sitting in front of my laptop, staring at this....

I have been back from Perth, and spending my pathetic wasteful life in my hometown Kuching for almost 2 months now, and the one thing I looked forward to was definitely the Chinese New Year celebration. Being with family and friends for this auspicious celebration is simply... priceless !!

However, I do miss Perth. Somehow, I felt part of me was left in Perth, and I shall never be able to completely retrieve it back to Kuching. And so while i surf the net, I googled Yahoo-ed Perth, and came out with this....

Goodness gracious !! I was only away for two months, and the car already learned to FLY in Perth !!! Super-AMAZING !!!

Click here for more details.

I do not know if the screenshot taken from the ever-popular Google-Earth is reliable. I mean, photo editing nowadays has been made so easy that I can make myself having boobs like Jennifer-Love-Hewwitt, or even bigger. Ok, that sounds quite wrong, but anyway, there is undeniably a chance that the photo taken was a hoax, or an optical illusion.

But but but but...

What if its real?? Would it not be super-COOOOL to have a flying car?? Oh gosh, and read on more, it says that the sighting was near Swan River !! I walk along the river back when I was in Perth like EVERY-SINGLE-DAY !! The place is possibly few minutes walk away from the University of Western Australia only!! Now I am wildly imagining, what if, one day, instead of the stupid-brainless-loudmouthed sea gulls flocking around, A CAR weighing more than 1000KG hovering over my head ?? Hmmm... strange.. but I like the idea !!!

Man, as much as I enjoy celebrating my Chinese New Year in Kuching now, part of me wants to be back in Perth. maybe just to check out the car, and opening up my own x-files Well, I should not complain this much. From many people I know of studying overseas, I should consider myself lucky being able to be home for such significant occasion. **SLAPPPP myself** Ok, back to reality.

Now I shall continue on my CNY visiting... and get MORE MORE MORE Ang Pow !!

Once again, Happy Chinese New Year everyone !! I couldnt say this enough, ahhahahaa...


  1. Nice to see another Kuching boy from Perth. :) Good entries you've got. I'll bookmark this page.

  2. KENNY ???
    Gosh.. is that you???
    Nice to have you here !!!

  3. Hallo, about Google Earth, I'm collecting italian beautiful places with placemarks (KMZ files):
    Hope you like!

  4. that's the car from back to the future! maybe it came back from the future!

  5. Carlo Alberto,
    Nice places you have there !! Italy sure has its own beauty !! One day, when I have enough cash, I shall visit Italy.. yeah baby..

  6. yeah wuching,
    time perhaps time travel has been made possible !!!! We are invaded by humans from the future !!

  7. Gong Xi Gong Xi!

    Nice blo, nice post!

  8. Hey robin !!
    Thanks for dropping by !! Really glad you like this blog..
    Happy New Year !

    (gosh... this is like me talking to myself)

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