Monday, January 23, 2006

Nasi Goreng ??

I never really liked the shopping malls in Kuching. Most of the items sold are ridiculously overpriced, and lack of variety. However, there is something that keeps me going back to the Tun Jugah Shopping Mall. Oh well, by now, anyone would have guessed, this must have something to do with "food".

I love Tun Jugah for the NASI GORENG AYAM SPECIAL, served in the Food Gallery.

With a reasonable price of Rm4.50, the meal includes:

Fried rice in sambal

2 Chicken Satay Sticks and Sauce

Fried Chicken

Fried Egg

Few slices of cucumber

One bowl of soup

and additional chilli sauce

For someone who has a HUGE appetite like me, the Nasi Goreng Ayam Special at the Food Gallery is a sure hunger killer. I gladly leave with a undescribeable satisfactory feeling in my stomach everytime after the sumptious meal. Anyone would simply love the generous portion of the serving.

I myself love dining in the Food Gallery Tun Jugah. I like the layout of the entire dining area, the colour setting, arrangement of the tables and et cetera. Sitting by the window viewing down to the city of Kuching (well, only the Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Holiday Inn Hotel and Sarawak Plaza nia lah) while checking out babes passing by having my favourite Nasi Goreng Ayam Special is truly awesome.

View from the seats near the windows of the food Gallery..

I must have another plate of Nasi Goreng Ayam Special before I fly back to Perth. Must. Ok, maybe more than one plate. Man, am I hungry or what?


  1. u might as well eat till u drop coz ur not gonna find anything better in perth.

  2. Yeah, now im eating as much heavenly kuching food as possible..
    however.. i do miss perth food though... slurrp..
    man... eating that much is so sinful

  3. you're making me hungry ya know...

  4. hahaa.. chin kian..
    u are making me hungry with your recipes as well... *stomach growling*

  5. nothing compares to NASI GORENG AYAM SPECIAL!! i need to learn to make one of those......

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