Monday, January 09, 2006

More tennis

Please read the previous entry (Tennis) before you continue on if you have not done so.
I have been going around Kuching more lately, and apparently, tennis ball is also used elsewhere as a promotional item. What an interesting trend. Screw Kenny's Coconut balls. Tennis ball rocks big time !! Anytime !!

In a camera shop, at the lowest level in Saberkas Shopping Center...

Yes, a RM3 tennis ball used, again to promote ridiculously overpriced Canon line-up of digital cameras which would easily worth above RM1000 each. Again, I am proud being a tennis player.

Well, at least they placed spicy Sharapova next to the tennis ball this time. Not that Canon will improve in digital imaging quality just because a hot tennis babe is pretending to use the brand. No, I have nothing against Canon. But I gotta admit, their products are simply over-priced.

Sharapova and Canon. Tennis and Photography. What ungodly combinations. Really..

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