Friday, January 27, 2006

Made of pure ROCK

There is something so beautiful that made my eyes POP during my previous trip to Sibu. My relatives took me and family to a place called, the "Rock Garden". Please correct me if there is any better translation from Mandarin version of this garden.

On the first look on the garden, two other similar places come to mind. Kuching's Reservoir Park and Perth's Kings Park. After much touring around the garden by myself, it is safe to say that Reservoir Park is nothing compared to the Sibu's Rock Garden. The setting of the garden itself is on a mild hill, expanding out through a large land area. Journey along the hill to the top brings out the scenery of Sibu not seen from any other places. Extraordinarily breathtaking.

From the main entrance to the left, there is a considerably large pond infested filled with living fishes. Since I am hopeless in identifying the fishes (Yiaw Wei, you should teach me some of your fish-related skills) I will refer them as shiny-golden-overly-active-fishes.

Tortoises are also spotted. This one looks kind of lonely. Was it being left behind?

The visitors to the garden are allowed to purchase fish food readily sold at the garden to feed the fishes. It was amazing how those fishes pooled together fighting and chasing after the thrown-in fish food. Gosh, it was like underwater war to me, such chaotic scene. Now, if only I could throw someone I hate into the fish pond, I wonder what will happen. Lets be creative shall we?

The whole garden looks artificially green. Alright, artificial is not the word, but it promotes the relaxing and rereshing feeling, that I have not felt before from other similar places I have visited. There is nothing special about the air quality, but the scenery, especially the impossibly green textures everywhere surrounding the whole area is just amazing.

There are many places to explore in the garden actually. I simply adore this hanging and sagging mid-air bridge (picture below) that looks like it is gonna fall down anytime soon. It looks life-threatening to me, you can hear the creeking sound as you walk by it, and when wind blows, the whole structure sways. Now I should not talk about structural adequacy on the bridge, should I?

I did not manage to finish my tour on the whole garden. Believe me, it is that HUGE, but I have not had the time. I was with family and relatives, and they all stayed under the dining shed area near the entrance, and what better place there is to sit down, unwind, have a sip of whatever liquid they serve there, and enjoy the beauty of green and appealing artificial environment all at the same time. The experience was truly unforgettable.

I still do not know why the park was called "Rock Garden", while I did not come across any huge or noticable looking rocks around. My first assumption would be that the whole area was originally a rock mining pit, producing granites for construction purposes. Afterall, Sibu is known for rock-mining. After the mine has ceased production, the setting has been rehabilitated into a overly-Greenish looking garden. And so the recreational center was created and perfected into the "Rock Garden". Am I right on this assumption? Whoever knows anything on the garden history and related details please kindly leave a comment. Ta...

I must say I enjoyed my visit to the Rock Garden tremendously. Kuching Reservoir Park sucks big time If given opportunity and time, I would definitely visit the Rock Garden one more time, and finish my tour around the garden.

Gosh, I miss that place already.


  1. dislike kenny sia?

  2. i think the place b4 they made it into a garden was called 'rock hill' becoz of the rock mining thus the name rock garden. i've swam in that lake b4 & i've camped overnight up in the hill b4 the garden was built. at the very top on the hill was a dayak ceremonial altar or something like that, i supposed its not there anymore. those fishes r koi & yes they r overpopulated i think. i was surprised when i saw the garden for the first time, so much has changed since it was just a hole in the ground! as usual good photography! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! :)

  3. hahaha...
    errm.. nolar.. i do not dislike kenny, but me and my friends find pleasure making fun of him. hehehe

  4. yeah, my guess was right.. it was a previous mining site.
    Thanks for the info Wuching. I have asked, and answered in different languages, but could not get the whole picture. Sigh... my horrible command in mandarin and total blindness in foochow.

    Happy New Year to you too !!