Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I know human has special lusts for gold. Many things are made of gold. I guess Gold = money, power and prestige. When we see people with accessories made of Gold, we instinctively label those people rich.

We have shoes made of Gold…

We also have tooth made of Gold..

Even the
One Ring in LOTR is Gold, signifying power and control. MY PRECIOUS…..


Have any of you seen…

A Car made of Gold??

Back in July 2005 (I know this is late for the entry, but hey, I just have to blog about this sometime) at Perth Convention Center, there was a Car, with almost everything built in it made of Gold, exhibited right at the center stage in front of the main entrance to the Perth Auto Salon 2005.

Ok, I am not a big fan of automobile, and my knowledge is extremely limited. I guess I am one of the odd guys out there who just do not appreciate what normal men love. You can ask me the simplest questions of all about cars, and I would say.. “huh???” I just do not get the marvel and beauty of a car. All I know is, cars have four wheels, steering, gears, headlights, exhaust pipes, err… what else?? Well, that all changed, when I saw the Gold Car….

As Sua Ku as I can be, I dropped my jaw at the sight it…

Wah Lau eh.. Steering Wheel is also made of GOLD !!! Slurrp...

I know people who would spend all their money to modify their cars, add power lah, add speed lah, add sound lah, add woofers and amplifiers lah, add neon lights lah.. (I should stop before I embarrass myself with my limited knowledge about cars) but but but… who would go all the way to make their car GOLD ?? As ridiculous as the car can be, I actually spent more than half an hour staring, drooling over this GOLD car. Gosh…. How I wish my butt was on the drivers seat… ohhh…

Check out the Specifications of the car... Gold Gold Gold everything and everywhere..

I bet this car would even make Gollum from the LOTR forget about the One Ring.

OK, enough of a financially handicapped boy dreaming about Gold. No Mr Money Cash in Mr Wallet means no Gold. Sad...


  1. wow..didn't know there's such a thing...haha..u make it sound sooo funny..i had a nice time L.O.L

  2. thanks shina...
    im glad you liked the entry.. hehehe

  3. Celaka, y take my car's pic din even ask permission from me huh? i'm gona sue u in court!! muahahahaha =P

  4. LOL.. its only pictures ok?? i didnt cabut anything off u lucky liaw...

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