Sunday, January 22, 2006

Follow Me

Follow Me is a brand that covers a wide range of products: Perfume, Shampoo, Toothbrush, Talcum, et cetera...

I personally use Follow Me Toothbrush, mainly because its cheap, and I find it reliable. I am no dentist, so I shall not go in details on the toothbrush. Screw Colgate and Darlie

The brand Follow Me has been around Malaysia for quite some time, and has been the preference for several generations. Nowadays, many new Brands manufacturing similar product lines mushroomed and have taken control over the market, and sadly, being an old brand, Follow Me is simply out of the competition. Therefore, appropriate and effective marketing measures must be adopted to prevent further profit loss and maintain the quality and image of the brand.

After Millions of Ringit Malaysia spent on R&D (Research and Development), Follow Me has come out with a rather unique solution for their problem:


Making its debut in the quiet town of Sibu, with the main entrance situated somewhere in the dark backalley of the old shops. This Karaoke Pub is a never-thought-of-before idea that may very well save the Follow Me's ass from total bankrupcy. Think about it, what better way is there to promote a line of personal grooming products, if not in a Karaoke Pub.

Brochures on the latest products can be distributed right at the entrance.

Prostitutes/strippers Bartenders and dancers having the Brand Follow Me on their lingerie/undies dress or shirts.

Free trial of Follow Me product samples provided in the washroom. For example, soaps for washing hands, perfume samples to kill off the horrible odor similar to any washrooms in the public and Follow Me special lubricants for (fill in the blanks)

Giving away RM1000 worth of Follow Me Hamper for the winner of the Karaoke Singing competition.

Giving away shopping vouchers for members who brings in and introduce more members to the Karaoke Pub.

You see, the possibilities are endless. Good job on such original yet stunningly efficient promotional technique.

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