Monday, January 02, 2006

Expensive Food vs Economy Food

Once upon a time, before the destiny of Mr Wallet carrying Mr Money Cash was lost till nowhere to be found, the sole living purpose of Mr Money Cash was to fulfill my never-ending hunger. Deep in the night, stomach calls out for supper miserably. Hunger MUST be killed. Must..
There were all kinds of food. Good food. Considerably, slightly expensive food.

Ikan bakar at Experts, Jalan Song, RM18...

Salty Ngo Hiong Pork with noodles at Full House, Central Park, RM4.50

Spaghetti + Beef Pancake combo, at Pizza Ria, RM5.00

There were also all kinds of drinks. Good drinks. Condiderably, slighty expensive drinks.

Watermelon Juice, at Bla Bla Cafe, RM6.50

Iced Mocha, Memories Cafe, RM5.50

Iced Blended Chocolate, at Bing, F**king RM11.00 !!!! Rip Off !!!

Until recently, Mr Money Cash stoppped visiting Mr Wallet, yet hunger must be compensated.
There were all kinds of food. Still, good food. Considerably, cheap food.

No... this Kolok Mee at Petanak is RM3.00. No way I could afford that... Too expensive with no Mr Money Cash around.


Mee KOSONG (plain noodles)!!! Petanak.. RM1.00 !!!! Fuiyooooohh !! Cheap Cheap Cheap !!

Chicken Porridge, at any local coffee shop, RM2.00.. Look carefully, Mr Money Cash is wandering around the bowl of porridge.

There were also drinks. Good drinks. Cheap drinks.

Iced Lemon Tea at any coffee shop, Rm1.20

Winter Melon Tea at any coffee shop, RM1.00

All in all, Kuching is the place where you can get all kinds of food. I miss Mr Money Cash desperately. And I am always hungry. Gosh... what to do... gluttony is a sin

I live to eat !!! Yay !!

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