Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I thought I have seen it all. Click here to view my old entry on DVD in Kuching. There are 2 movies in one dvd, 3 movies, 4, 5, even 7 movies compressed into a single disc selling in local pirated media hotspots. I thought freaking 7 movies compressed in one piece of DVD was the limit. I was wrong.

Until I saw this face to face.

Limit.. define that word. Can you imagine that, 8 F**cking movies compressed all together into one cramped piece of miserable DVD disc.

I just do not get the whole idea of compressing so many movies into one DVD. People opted for DVD over VCD mainly because of the superior picture and sound quality that DVD yielded over VCD. With such heavy compression, man.. 8 movies, into a disc, I would not be surprised if the movie quality is severely reduced due to over-compression and this significant data-loss may very well result in the quality even less than observed from VCDs. If this is the case, what is the point of buying a DVD? As economical as it may seem, the main purpose of DVD existence is defeated.

Now let us wait for 9, or maybe even 10 movies compressed into a single DVD.

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