Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Clouded Pawn Launched !!!

Side Note:
This is a special entry dedicated to the introduction of the newly launched brother-blog, Clouded Pawn. All photos and descriptions here which are reproduced from Clouded Pawn are copyrighted by www.cloudedpawn.blogspot.com
Please note that
www.robinwong.blogspot.com and www.cloudedpawn.blogspot.com will be closely linked, and may share some similarities in events and subjects blogged. Double the blogging effect, double the Ooooomph !!! So guys, please, go check this cool place out, www.cloudedpawn.blogspot.com

Clouded Pawn
, the newly launched site.

I shall tell of a story of the Clouded Pawn, a young, Kuching-born Warrior who has traveled across the far seas of salt water and observed the marvels and glory of the kingdom Down Under. After waves and waves of tiresome and apocalyptic battle with the mysterious and treacherous threats of the journey, he has finally followed his feet, and found his way back to his land of origin. The Cat Town.

Clouded Pawn in Cat Town !!! Make way for the Great Pawn !!

Being the sole keeper of the Circle of the Remaining Saints, he embraced the task of gathering the Remaining Saints and uniting the lost fragments. It was on one of the nights, like none other nights that marked the significance of the Clouded Pawn. He managed to summon the Remaining Saints, and single handedly crafted a festival so grand that none of the Remaining Saints or any other creatures in this land have seen before. The festival was forged on two purposes: to celebrate the passing of darkness and sorrow, and to mark the coming of greatness and power to the Circle of Remaining Saints, in synergy with the NEW rising sun. A new year has come. A new day has come.

The Circle of the Remaining Saints, having a spiritual reunion, frozen in this frame of immobile vision.

To aid the process of the Divine task, Clouded Pawn invoked the most ancient of all magic, the Aura of the New Sun. Somehow, somewhere, something went terribly wrong in the spell casting ritual. Instead of casting the Aura of the New Sun on himself, he has called upon….

the Curse of the Cinderella

Ignoring the effects of the curse, the mighty Clouded Pawn went on with his original plans, and through the obstacles and trials set by the natural paths of unexpected events, he pulled through. The Remaining Saints were all safely transported to the venue of the Festival, the Sacred SOHO, at hours before the rising of the new sun, except for Robin the One being Left Behind.

Using the power drawn from the curse of the Cinderella, Clouded Pawn beckoned an immense Magic none other knew of, turning a night bird into a four wheeled carriage called the Kelisa. Clouded Pawn sent one of the Remaining Saints, Alvin the King of Clubbing Nation out to transport the One Left Behind to the venue of the Festival. All was good. Now, the Circle is Complete. Thanks to the great work and intelligence of Clouded Pawn.

Over-spending the magic, Clouded Pawn was drained out of mana. He was soon giving in to the Curse of the Cinderella. It was said that before the clock strikes twelve in the darkest night, the Curse shall send the victim into deep slumber, and banish him off to where he came from. Also, the Curse inflicts an insatiable lust for alcohol, causing Clouded Pawn to gulp down more and more alcohol. Unfortunately, none could be done, for the power of the Curse was too strong, and cannot be broken. And so, Clouded Pawn returned to the Fortress of True Saints before midnight, unconsciously.

Like the real Cinderella, Clouded Pawn lost one of his shoes on the teleportation back to the Fortress of True Saints.

Thanks to Holy Light, that the Curse was not permanent, and it wore off in the end. All was good. Such sacrifice a Pawn could make, and such difference has he created for the Circle of Remaining Saints. All extol to the Clouded Pawn!!!

Henceforth, you are granted an eternal communion with this Sanctuary of Saints, www.robinwong.blogspot.com !!!!

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