Thursday, January 26, 2006

Chinese New Year spirit

As a good good decent boy, I accompanied my mum for Chinese New Year shopping from morning through to the afternoon. We went to several familiar spots in Kuching, like Padungan shops, Tun Jugah shopping mall, Sarawak Plaza, Upwell and Everise Padungan. Being around in these places brings out the spirit of Chinese New Year in me, with all those overly-loud cymbal clashing drum bashing and lady with ugly voice screaming God knows what CNY tunes played over and over on the cheap sound systems around the shopping places, man... I'd rather chop off my dick ears.

There are several usual markings that symbolizes Chinese New Year Celebration.

1) Mandarin Orange placed with Tennis balls.

Yes, since mandarin orange is considered similar to gold in color, it is refered to as prosperous and lucky. Since tennis balls are of approximately the same size and also round in shape, tennis balls are also similar to mandarin orange. So there you go. There is no Chinese New Year with no mandarin orange nor tennis ball.

2) Lighted Lanterns hanging everywhere...

3) Everything must be in Red

Blood-red is the color theme for Chinese New Year celebration. No black, no blue, no purple, no pink. Red. If you do not have red cloths, never mind, soak your whole body with red-blood (any blood will do), and your coming year will be super-duper-prosperous.

4) Prioritise Chinese New Year decorations over other insignificant promotions.

When it comes down to Chinese people, nothing else matters. Chinese New Year is a celebration of triumph over evil, a marking of a new beginning and it is an opportunity to move forward a better future, leaving behind the dark and unholy past. Therefore, promoting other things is not important at this time of the year.

See anything unusual in the poster??

See, its not important. No one even saw it. Coz Chinese New Year is around the corner !!! Who the hell cares ??? Screw Benq Cameras.

5) Lions... even if its just the small head

6) Ang Pows (Red packets)

Ang pow. Children love it. I love it. Who would not?? It is a passed-down tradition, year after year, centuries after centuries, that during Chinese New Year, the elders would give the younger generations Ang Pows (Red Packets containing MR MONEY !!!)

You see, even the Everise Supermarket is giving away FREE ang pows !!!! Wanna bet how much money inside?




F**k lar, I could bet Kenny's coconuts and dickonosaurus off that its empty !!!

Happy last minute shopping for those of you who have not yet done CNY shopping. May you enjoy the horrific traffic jams everywhere in Kuching and the long long queues at the caishers at any shopping places. I have a feeling this year the Chinese New Year Celebration will be a GOOOOOD one.

Yeah !!


  1. Enjoy the atmosphere and the family around you. It's a special time that only can be felt and appreciated in SE A countries. Gong Xi Fatt Chai!

  2. thanks.
    really apreciate the opportunity to be able to celebrate chinese new year at home. families and friends. priceless.
    you and your family enjoy the celebration over there too !!!
    Happy Chinese New YEar !!!!