Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Burger King in Sarawak !!

I have been to Sibu (a town away from Kuching in Sarawak) for the past few days, a family trip which unpleasantly bored me to near death. Sibu was where the family from my father's side originated from, and your guess would be right. I am a Foochow-Chinese, but sadly I speak none of the over-ly loud and alien language. I was there for four days to be exact, from Saturday to Tuesday of the following week. There will be a series of blog entries regarding my brief visit to Sibu and in this first installment, the focus would be solely on the journey along the way to Sibu. We went there by land, using Bintang Jaya Express bus. To my surprise, my bus ride has been quite enjoyable. Really.

The Bus is surprisingly comfortable, and this statement coming from me after I have been with better public transportation service in Perth, Australia is truly a compliment. The seats are ample in space, sufficiently accomodating my long long legs. This is a plus point for a long distance travel.

The in-house audio-visual entertainment was definitely worth noting. I never knew any bus in Kuching would be equiped with TV screen and sound system. Throughout my entire ride in the bus, I was served with three premier quality movies continuously:
1) Thai movie, fighting and action, sorry, I do not know the movie title.
2) Once Upon a Time in China (Wong Fei Hong)
3) I-Robot.

Opportunately I have not watched any of the movies before this, and they managed to keep me awake the whole ride. What a treat.

The bus left Kuching, stopping at stations in Serian, Sarikei and certain spots along the road. We were allowed to get off at those stopping points to take some fresh air, piss, shit, have a quickie or purchase food to kill hunger.

Along the way, I have no idea why, but I suddenly thought of Burger King, and how I missed it so much. Burger King is called Hungry Jacks in Australia. Just the thought of the double bacon, double cheese and double beef burger makes my mouth waters. I was hungry I guess, considering my light breakfast I had early in the morning, and the stretch far into the afternoon without lunch or snack would make me craft for things that are not found locally here in Sarawak, my home state.

Burger King, Hungry Jacks, Burger King....

And the bus stopped at one place (unknown of where, to me), God knows where it was, but I was shocked and rubbed my eyes several times before i admitted the truth. There IS a Burger King in Sarawak. Take a look at the photo as evidence.

No, not this one as above. Err.. It was rather the unsual one in the picture below.

Goodness gracious... I do not know why, but I lost my appetite at the sight of this particular Burger King outlet.

What a catchy way to attract customers, like me. Damned. Well, since they obviously do not serve my favourite double bacon double cheese double beef burger, and not offering combo set value meals, and no free refill on drinks, I opted to stay put on the bus, and starve along the way.

What a CHEAP Burger King.

When we arrived at Sarikei Bus station, we caught another bus on the route to Bintangor. Don't ask. Family business. I was there for several hours only, visited relatives, my great grand uncle and aunty, and another relative-family met up with us and brought us into Sibu from there on. We arrived at Sibu at night, just in time for supper. Boy, was I hungry by then.

That shall be another entry on my trip to Sibu. Food, food and more food.

Stay tuned.


  1. lol! i saw that on my way to sibu once too, a long time ago. i bet it's the same stall but the sign's new. haha! hopefully one day burger king will come to sarawak~

  2. haha =)
    funny. then again, maybe they sell Ramly Burger which is like 3 times better than a Burger King burger
    you shld have bought them and took pics of it.
    ...i mean, thats what i thought.

  3. yeah, i should have bought the burger.. and make my own review on it ! LOL.. guess the thought didnt cross my mind..