Friday, January 06, 2006

Animal prohibited

One fine day, a duck wishes to cross the road on her two legs.

After making sure there were no cars around, the duck decided to cross the road... but she saw something rather interesting...

Confused, the duck stood still for a while, hesitated...


And so the duck crossed the road, breaking the rules stated boldly on the sign board.

We know animals are prohibited at many places, in supermarkets, houses, business premises, public transports, and many common places. It is instinctively normal to keep stray animals like dogs and cats away from those places, for security and hygiene reasons. Totally understandable and agreeable.
Such problems can be seen in Kuching, where you have stray dogs and cats wondering around, scrapping for food, even at common eating places like coffee shops.

But, how can we restrict them from being on the road??

Like they understand English and obey rules. What a joke that is.

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