Saturday, December 10, 2005


For the past semester in UWA (University of Western Australia), I have been working my Ass off.. and I seriously mean it.. I gave everything I have and I could.. just to fight my way to at least obtain an Honors Degree status in the end. There were sleepless nights spent on books and revisions... and all those effort... has brought me to this moment of truth. Yes, the much anticipated results of my Semester 2, 2005...

Jeng Jeng Jeng....

OK OK, thats was just my beautiful imagination. The sky would fall down first if I ever managed to get those kind of results.
Hey... a boy has every right to dream about something beautiful once in a while, has he not? I need some motivation mah... gosh.. all those waiting is driving me nuts.
Hopefully reality that wakes me up on Monday, 12 December (Official UWA result release date for semester 2, 2005) will not be too harsh.


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