Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Now while I am savouring my way around all the local delicacies in Kuching, I do miss certain food I could only have in Perth. Of course, besides the oversized, overstuffed toppings and cheese Australian made pizzas, Perth serves good pasta. I simply love the spaghetti dishes in several adjacent restaurants to the city and university. I particularly adore Spaghetti Carbonara.

Spaghetti Carbonara = Pasta + Lots of Cheese + Various types of Mushroom + Bacon + Ham
Yeah, sadly Carbonara wont be a popular dish in Kuching, or Malaysia in general since it contains the secret ingredient = PORK. Too bad, Muslims do not have the privilledge to feast on such scrumptious food.

Carbonara from Tiamo, Hampden Road (above) and Carbonara from an Itallian restaurant in Northbridge (below, forgot the name of the place liaw, paiseh)

I used to love spaghetti so much. Back in my days of staying in residential college, where complete meal is fully catered, I recall that the only thing that was served to perfection was their Spaghetti. Virtually everything else sucks big time. My college mates and I would at least have two full servings each time Spaghetti is served. Of course, when I moved out of the residential college, I missed spaghetti desperately. Now I am back in Kuching, I miss it even MORE. It is not that Spaghetti cant be found here locally, but well, it is just plain different.

And today, I saw this...

Since when has the Spaghetti become MUSLIM Food?? What the... curious on why someone would have the guts to make such claims, instinctively I went on and have a sample of the MUSLIM version of Spaghetti available here.. well.. I have become desperate... and there is always a first time.. always..

This is how the Spaghetti looks like.. Green in color, with char siew as a substitute for bacon and pork, and a little veggie. No cheese. No mushroom.

Hah... GOTCHA right there !!

Of course, I didnt go for Spaghetti in Kuching lar.. that was the famous Green Noodles Kolok Mee, yet another variety of those famous noodles found only in Kuching.

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