Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Sixthseal Busted

I am a fan of Sixthseal aka Veritas for quite sometime now. I do read his blog entries constantly, and to me HB is indeed a great fellow and has yet to do anything seriously blameworthy of what the authorities have been accusing him of. Like many, I thoroughly enjoy reading his posts, and sadly, some do not share the common view.

Yes, we all know indeed drugs of any form are illegal in Malaysia. Yes, we are well aware of the fact that possession of drugs in this Islamic controlled country yields severe punishment concurrent with the rigidly-framed rules and regulations on the subject. Yes, we also recognize that consumption of drugs may be harmful and hazardous to our health and well-being, hence governments from any nations would strongly go against it.

However, is blogging on drugs and associated events or experience accountable as illegal and a crime?

Now before I go on further I must make myself very clear that, I am living in a country governed by rules that do not permit much freedom of speech, especially those that go against the government motives. Hence I shall declare that all I am posting here is purely my own opinion and they do not have anything to do with general politics or other public influential purposes.

Heck, this is my Blog, I can write my own thoughts out, can’t I?

Here are my reasons why the blog entries posted by HB previously particularly on drug subject should not be considered as a crime of any nature:

One in a Million

I tried Googled drugs, and I found astonishing 186,000,000 entries. I Yahooed drugs and I found WHOOPING 222,000,000 entries. Moreover, Wikipedia the online encyclopedia, supposing to be very educational and informative, provides very detailed and shockingly undesirable information regarding drugs and other associated topics. Photos and virtually any details on all types of drugs can be found everywhere on the Internet.
My point is simply this, Sixthseal is just one of the many websites, what difference does it make by eliminating the posts HB entered on his one website out of so many on the similar topics? People can obtain that notorious information elsewhere, as easy as a click away. What does the authority do about MILLIONS of the other available websites containing even more damaging and alarming materials than Sixthseal? Or shall I put it this way, what CAN they do about it?

Readers’ choice

Lets take a brief look at pornography. A child at a tender age of 12, with adequate knowledge in ICT is well-capable of surfing the Internet. What is there to stop him/her from entering prohibited websites containing harmful materials like pornography?
On virtually any adult websites, there are obvious warnings before any Internet users enter the main page. I recalled clearly there was a bold disclaimer stating that the Sixthseal is not intentional in promoting drug use. The question here is choice. A reader of the blog may choose to navigate away from the site if he/she feels that the material is offensive in nature or inappropriate at any level. The reader is expected to be smart enough to filter the materials received from the Internet and therefore held responsible for whatever downloaded or obtained materials in hand. Who can blame the accessibility of millions and millions of pages of free pornography on the Internet? Or drugs? It all comes down to the users to decide what is best for them and what they want to do with their findings on the Internet.
Now you may say, gee.. what if a 13 year old school kid bump into Sixthseal unsupervised by adults/parents and spark inquisitive interests in drugs?
I will tell you, well, it will be more likely that your 13 year old kid will download a hardcore porn video, masturbating in front of the computer screen, unsupervised by adults/parents and spark inquisitive interests in blowjobs and position 69.

Opinions and Intentions

It was made very clear that Sixthseal is NOT promoting drugs. If it is, would HB not be selling drugs online? And providing public consultation on his numerous experiences in drugs in exchange for profit? No, the sixthseal site is totally free. Hence, it is not profitable, and like all blogs, though the materials may contain undesirable and inappropriate materials, none of it was meant to promote or endorse anything to the viewers. No harm was ever intended.

Now lets compare the level of publicity involved.

Jessie Chung, involved in transexual marriage, a homosexual innocently made his way to the top of the media all over the places, had a publicized 1 million Malaysia Dollars' worth of wedding celebration with reporters from local media invited. Shall we describe this case as…. Promoting homosexuality? The government does not approve of such marriage of course, not that it will ever be expected to happen in this country. Nor does the government take any drastic measures against Jessie and his gay partner.

Therefore, it is just unjustifiable to perceive Sixthseal as a drug promoting website/blog, since Internet is a free world, and no one is making any fuss on it at all. Free opinion is always welcomed in blogging, and as damaging the material may be, they were never publicized as much as Jessie. (No, I am not Anti-Gay, nor do I support homosexuality)

On the whole, it all comes down to this, mentality. People see things differently. Evaluation comes in various levels. Whatever we do that may be right, but deemed wrong by the authorities, inevitably is considered wrong ultimately. I do no entirely agree with the idea of publishing drug related materials online. Nevertheless, accusing HB for something he did not do wrong, that is completely unacceptable. Things happen at the wrong time and at the wrong place for HB, and he has himself at certain level to blame.
Like what ShaolinTiger mentioned, drug related topics should be blogged separately, and ANONYMOUSLY, for your goodness sake.

To HB, I know this entry comes in a little late, but you have my sincere well wish and I do hope things turn out good at the end. Do be more careful not to trip on your own banana skin next time.


  1. yea..freedom of speech rules.. too bad some people dun think that way and they called themselves open-minded...