Saturday, December 17, 2005

Santa.. a "few" of my wishes for Christmas

Dear Santa Claus,
I have been a good good boy over the year, I eat my vegetables, I do my homework, I follow all the rules and I have been kind and helpful to everyone around me. You see, Christmas is coming, and I want things to be more special this time around, since my Birthday is also coming, you know?? I know you will reward me for being such a good boy, and here is my list of requests. I am a very modest boy, never greedy or wanting anything too big or expensive, I would say my list of requests for my Christmas gift is very reasonable and plausible. Please consider my requests wisely.

iPod Nano

You see, everyone around me has an MP3 player, or a music player. From my observations, 3 out of 5 people in Perth own a decent iPod, and all I am requesting is the thinnest and the tiniest of all… iPod Nano… why can’t I be like a normal kid? Why don’t I deserve an entertainment gadget on the go while virtually everyone else does?? Please send me an iPod Nano… I want I want….. Please…

Kodak V550

Santa, my old camera is sooo big and heavy one, so bulky, so hard to carry around. I am sure you know my passion for photography, and this lousy camera of mine would not make me progress any further. I am not asking for an SLR or any of those HUGE professional cameras with super high zoom and lots of MegaPixels. I am only asking for a pocket camera nia, the smallest and lightest.. ok or not?? Can larr.. Santa…

Philips Mini Hi-fi

Santa, my old Mini Hi-fi is already 7 years old. The Cd player is failing to function ordinarily, and the sound quality has become obsolete. I need good sound in my life, I need a new Philips. Good sound is my soul, it inspires me to move on, and good music speaks to me whenever I feel left out or alone. This is an important part of my life. Please… I didn’t ask for a 5.1 channel Home Theatre system with Dolby Digital Surround and Subwoofer, just a small Mini Hi-fi would do….

Kenny Sia
and his evil Russian twin, Ais Ynnek (click for details)

Santa, I want you to get me Kenny Sia. I think he is cool. You see, we are two different persons. But we share similar lives partially. He was from Perth, so was I. He is now in Kuching, so am I. He misses Perth, so do I. He wants to be in Perth, so do I. He is insanely in love with his huge coconuts, but…. Sadly I am not. You see Santa, if you can GET him for me, I would have a new good friend, and I would be very happy. So can I have Kenny???

Jennifer Love Hewitt

I lust for love Jennifer Love Hewitt. I particularly adore her huge breasts and perfect curve beautiful sparkling smile and deep sexy eyes. I want to just see her naked once, and maybe have sex dinner with her or something. Yeah… that would be awesome for Christmas !!!! Santa…. I am not asking for anything much.. just Jennifer…. A young boy wanting to meet his sexual fantasy favourite singer/idol. Is that too much too ask for?


Santa, I miss Perth. I want to go back to Perth. I think celebrating Christmas in Perth is crazy lah, so hot in summer cool and would be exciting. I miss walking along the beaches and watch the sunset, and touching the blue waters of the Swan River. I miss the clear blue sky.

I miss jogging around the green King’s Park and breathe its free fresh air… I miss Taka Sushi, and Fremantle Fish and Chips.. I miss my friends in Currie Hall. I miss my life in Perth. Please… can you take me to Perth?? Air ticket so expensive now… free ride with your flying reindeers would be AWESOME !!!!


In these times, I wish I would have a hug from a friend, and a shoulder to cry on. I need someone to listen to my heart and comfort me. A warm hug can make all those worries and fear of unknown go away, and a hug from a true friend would be magical in Christmas celebration. I am desperate, Santa, and I know you know that. Please, if no one else is around, would you please be there for me? A hug from Santa… priceless..

Santa… I need you. I do not ask much, and I know wishes of mine you can grant easily…. And I am trying my best to be modest here. I am not being selfish or anything, but I want those gifts.. I want I want… I am begging you…

However.. if you do not comply with a young boy’s wishes and desires, I will find you.. and for the sake of millions of children around the world who believes in the magic of Christmas… I shall hunt you down… you see.. i have no choice..

Merry Christmas Santa !!! Muahahahahaaaa


  1. wah...ur wishes are quite tempting hor?? haha..don't worry, once u start workin, u can buy all the stuff u want liaw hehe..

  2. hahaahaha... siaw.. only santa can give me... wouldnt want to spend my hard earned cash arr....

  3. Dude, you ask too much -_-

    iShuffle good enough what...$140

    And why Love Hewitt? Go screw that girl we saw at Bryan's house instead la

  4. hahahaa... i still could not get the name of that girl in bryan's house le.. how to ask for it??
    iPod Shuffle is just too plain lar, it has no navigational display leh... i would rather have a conventional MP3 player with more functions, better sounf quality and a decent LCD display.