Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I have a lot of things to be thankful in my life for. Looking back at my times in Perth this year particularly, I am deeply blessed to be given an opportunity to cross paths with Ruthie Seetoh, a gorgeous young lady from Singapore studying alongside me in UWA (the University of Western Australia)

This kind and loving lady has been there with me and my coursemates through the group assignments and projects, and I deeply admire her dedication and passion towards group work. I am the laziest one pushing all the works to her She is the most hardworking member, and she inspires and motivates us to go on and complete our assignments in time do our best. She has so much energy and charisma, that whenever she is around, it is never a boring moment, and the working environment wont be as condusive without her presence !!! Undoubtedly, thanks to her, we have achieved a great deal of good returned marks for our assignment and projects.

She loves to call herself a bunny. She says she has a bunny brain. She says she has a bunny smile. And of course, we all know she can run like a bunny (she is indeed one of the top atheletes in her college). Hearing all those bunny resemblence has made me picture this in my mind....

There are times when my coursemate Wei Thien and I used to make fun of Ruthie's name at her back call her different names. Firstly, we refer her to the ROOF, since the pronunciation of ROOF = RUTH. This is so appropriate at that time of year when we were studying Steel Design where calculation of variables regarding the Structural ROOF Members of a building was introduced. At first, this was an inside nickname, but somehow somewhere, things went wrong, and basically everyone else calls her ROOF (in other languages as well, Chinese and Hokkien) ... opps... this may be the part I say... err.. Sorry??

ROOF Ruthie is always helpful and being around to aid anyone in need. She is patient, independent, and very responsible when it comes down to work, or off-work. It has truly been wonderful knowing you, and best of all, be your friend, and with my sincere thoughts, all the way from Kuching... East Malaysia, i wish you..


May your dreams and wishes come true, and the blessings of heaven continue to flow in your life abundantly. May you seek happiness and joy in everything you do. Be cheerful always !!!

I wish I could celebrate this awesome event with you.. but hey.. I guess you are having a great time over there with your pals and family !!

Stay strong in faith, and keep that Bunny smile up !!! Your Bunny smile is simply priceless...


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