Sunday, December 18, 2005

PC by the road side...

During my time in Perth earlier this year, on the way back from the famous IKEA Factory Outlet, I found something very very interesting, and worth noting. Right at the roadside of Scarborough Beach Road, just outside a computer retail store... I accidentally and SHOCKINGLY found this...

OMFG !!! A PC under the sun, on the parking bay, by the Roadside of Perth..

1. The PC does not require any power source.

2. The PC is fully wireless functional, you can connect your printer without any wires.

3. You do not need any keyboard or mouse to operate this PC.

4. Somehow, the monitor needs to be connected to the ground via the supplied cable.

5. The PC has a mobility of a laptop; you can even operate it by the roadside.

6. The PC is weather proof, be it rain or severe sunshine.

7. The operational system is so simple even a dummy can operate this PC.

8. You can get this PC for as cheap as AUD 149 (approximately equivalent to RM450)

9. The best of all, this PC can only be found in Perth.

Can any other PC beat that?? Heh !!!

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