Thursday, December 29, 2005

Happy Birthday ROBIN

Birthday was never a big thing for me. I seldom have birthday cakes, never had a birthday party, and seldom receive birthday presents from people around me.

Robin: Aidan, its my birthday today, wish me happy birthday.
Aidan: Happy Birthday Robin !!! How many presents are you expecting?
Robin: NONE
Aidan: !!!!!!!!!!

I grew up thinking birthday is a waste of time and money. All for the celebration of my previous birthdays were small gathering and simple dinner to mark the growing number of my age. Also, since my birthday is just the day after Christmas, focus was set on Christmas celebration itself. I never bothered. And none of my birthday wishes ever came true anyway.

When I started my life in INTI, 2002, my new group of friends has very different views on birthdays. Our small group of 6 to 7 people would come together, have the birthday person picking one medium-class eatery/restaurant and be treated with full lavishness. It has become a tradition. It was new to me, and I accepted it open-heartedly. Sometimes, we do pool together our cash and purchase a unique gift if appropriate to the birthday person. All was sweet and meaningful I would say.

There are people who celebrate their birthdays to a LARGE scale, inviting hundreds of people to a luxurious restaurant. There are those who have simple gathering with friends, say BBQ, and throwing the birthday person into the water. Genius, I would say. People get drunk on birthdays too. People party. Some would go wild and crazy. Birthdays are interesting.

Few days ago, it was my birthday.

At 12am, 26th December, I had a surprise visit from Mike (Clouded Pawn, launching soon) and Ivan

Yes, I was surprised, though I believed that was not really the exact expression that my face pulled off spontaneously that night. They shocked me right at my doorstep at the very first minute of my birthday.. hahahaha.. Now thinking about it,,, it was rather thoughtful and sweet of them. Many thanks Mike and Ivan, for bringing colors and spark to the very first few minutes of my birthday this year. I truly appreciate that.

Mike and Ivan... thanks for the wonderful surprise.. Pardon Mike for wanting to remain anonymous...

Yes, I know I wear pink.. and it looks gayish.. but but but... I like it worr..

And so we went off to McDonald’s, the only one of the few places that was still open in Kuching around that time of the night. And I was treated with full prosperity meals. I was feeling lucky, privileged and prosperous altogether indeed.

Prosperity Meal at McDonalds... yummy..

Came night, I was asked out with the group of old friends. I was getting ready to be thrown into the Sarawak River. Of all the things they could think of, they chose to play DOTA as my birthday activity. I got to admit, I was surprised with this decision they made too. Well, I did have fun after all. I guess that matters.

I see birthday as a celebration of life. We celebrate, for we have lived pass yet another year. It is definitely a time to look back and be thankful for all the blessings and beautiful experiences, as well as sulking and cursing at those undesired moments of depression and sadness that I believed every normal living person would go though. To me, I marvel at the sight of the number of my age changing from 20 to 21. To most people, this is a significant change. To me? Gosh, I am no longer a boy. Yes, I am an adult now. I have reached the legal age in my country. Is that something to be proud of? Is it something truly worth celebrating for?
Not that any of those questions would matter that much now anyway. The following is the list of my wishes for my birthday this year:
- Please oh God let my life be less painful
- I need to love and be loved in return

It is difficult to grasp the beauty of birthdays when ones life hurts so damned much. Birthday may seem meaningless if ones redemption seem far away. However.. I would say this much: I am grateful to have great friends surrounding me and wishing me well on my 21st Birthday. For that, I found joy.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and presents. Birthday this year is indeed remarkable.


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  2. Happy Belated to you! Is there anything Aussie we can get you!?(except ladies and anything more than 20 bucks,...poor housewife lah!)

    My dad will be back in Kuching by the end of February...

    Life is meaningful if you chose to find meaning in it. The fact that you are surround by friends, you have achieved your DEGREE, and you are able to STILL enjoy kolomee (good health) is something we should all be thankful for, each year, every month and all day!

    Robin, as far as I can see and read...YOU are pretty good quality material. Give yourself a pat on the back and do well in all that you set your heart on. When you are not looking for "it", it will find you...! Be strong and God Bless!

  3. Thanks Chan Gang !!
    Wow. thats thoughtful of bringing stuff back for me.
    Life is good here. Just that i do feel sad looking back the times throughout the year. But i know i have a lot to be thankful for.
    Thanks for the support and concern !! i appreciate it.
    God Bless your family !!