Friday, December 02, 2005

Food oh Food

Everyone who has been away from Kuching would surely miss one important thing about the City of Cats… FOOD. That would include me, me, and me. Being away for almost one year… gosh.. now Kuching food tastes better than ever !! Yes, Kuching is where the cheap and delicious food are at. And by cheap, I mean, really cheap. With RM5 (approximately equivalent to AUD1.80) one can have a decent meal with a decent drink to finish the food with. There are hawker stalls or Kopitiam (coffee shops, with proper food) all around Kuching, available conveniently at any hour.

The following are my most frequently ordered food. In this post I shall be focusing on Noodles only. (Mee is Noodles in Hokkien)


Kolok Mee(above) and Wantan Mee(below)

This is the most famous food in Kuching. Kolok Mee is simply normal plain dry noodles with BBQ pork, though nowadays Kolok Mee normally comes with extras like prawn, fishballs and green veggies. There are variations of Kolok Mee, such as Wantan Mee. Kolok Mee is the ideal meal for any time of the day, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night supper or snack… People do get addicted to Kolok Mee. Yes.. that is a known fact.


Gubak Mee or Beef Noodles in English is one popular dish, a competing alternative to conventional Kolok Mee which dominates virtually the noodle dish preference in Kuching. Gubak Mee can be served in soup or dry. I usually order my Gubak Mee dry. My usual place of Gubak Mee would be either at Green Hill Corner or The Open Air. Perfect dish for late night supper.


Fried noodles in Kuching are simply unique. There are several variations of styles in fried noodles, generally with tomato gravy or dry style. I personally favor the Tomato Sauce Fried Mee. You just could not get it elsewhere, like Kolok Mee, this is purely Kuching Food. The thick sweet and sour tomato gravy with crispy fried noodles is just heavenly matched.

I remembered once my friend from Kuching told me a joke while he was in Kuala Lumpur. He ordered Tomato Sauce Fried Mee from a Mamak (Indian hawker stall, popular in KL), and guess what came. Yes, it was fried noodles alright. Dry fried noodles, the Mamak Style, with LOTS and LOTS of TOMATO KETCHUP on top of the noodles. The same case happened to one of my college-mates, who had lunch in one of the local Kuching Kopitiams and ordered the newly advertised 7-Up Ice at that time. Well, predictably, ignorant Kuching Kopitiam people served him 7-Up, the conventional one, with a separate glass, full of ice.

Ok, back to Kuching food. The noodles, each and every type of them is unique in its own way and unavailable elsewhere. Well, there are many things that create a remarkable and astounding dining experience in Kuching Kopitiam and hawker stalls. I would not want to go into much detail.
One of those things would be….


Yeah, street beggers scrapping around for food. After all, Kuching is the city of CATS. Anyone feeling hungry now??


  1. Food glorious food! Good to see a fellow Kuchingite so into KCH food! Great Blogg, helps us poor souls here in the eastern part of Oz recap the stuff we miss.
    Well done and indeed, I had a scrumptious time reading your food report! I still have kolomee brought in for our treasured consumption.

  2. Hey Chan Gang, thanks !! But im curious, how on earth did u managed to get the kolok mee into aus??

  3. Phantom Prophet12/03/2005 10:30:00 PM

    Great.... now i really missed Kch foods, KCH ppl ... Damn it `!! now i realized that i am poorer than that black black cat....Atleast she can had a sniff on those gorgeous heavenly made Kolo Mee...... KNNCCB ~!!!

  4. kolomee import? EASY! Get the mee-hawker guy to do "overseas" packaging...
    They will cut the meat,veg and all the money added stuff and give you more noodles, pork oil and garlic onion stuff. Then your job is to freeze it at least 24 hrs before hoping on the plane, packing it with layers and layers of paper, al-foil, and hand carry in cooler pack. Open to our Aussie customs and show them the goods while looking very homesick and "puppy dog eyed"....and you are home free!
    We get home and...add our own stuff and have a feast. My little girls love them, it is so precious, it's only used for "special' days when they need an encouragement etc. We call it the "kong-kong" noodles as he's the one who brings it to us.... Our stock in the freezer is empty, waiting for my mom to visit next year in March!!

    p/s can you show me how you do the "drop letters" on black background for your name stuff?

  5. Hey Chan..
    Wow... you people sure have experience bringing in Kolok mee.. gosh.. must learn one trick or two from you... hahahaa
    Anyway, i got the codes for the matrix text display from the dynamic drive website, i just followed the instructions.

    Everything is there, hope this is helpful.

  6. Sorry, the right URL is as below..


  7. Hi. greetings from pj, selangor. came across your blog when i did a google search for kuching food. was doing some research on kuching (the normal stuff on accomodation, places of interest etc) and of course food. the thing that attracted me bout ur blog is not only the food pics, but is tht you studied in perth too! i too went to perth to study my degree. msia food is so much cheaper and nicer right? :)
    anyway, got any idea how do i get to these places whr u get these delicious food? by bus? will be coming to kuching in mid year...
    we can trade info - i can tell u the nice places to eat in pj.. hehe..cheers!

  8. Hey Christina,
    I would love to show all those nice places for you !! Do youi mind leaving an email address for me?? or send an email to
    I will tell you in more details there.

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