Monday, December 19, 2005

Complete Vocabulary

There are not many bookshops left in Kuching, and this is a sad case. The famous Belle's Bookstore closed down earlier this year, and there is only the Popular bookstore left in the Kuching City Center. (I wonder if Kuching is qualified to be a city...)
I am not a big reader. I personally would not sit down for hours and fix my eyes on ink and papers. That is just so not me... but there are times I read, maybe when the book is highly recommended by friends. And I particularly indulge myself into the works of Stephen King. Man, that guy knows how to use words to raise my goosebumps. I personally love the Langoliers and Children of the Corn.

My latest trip to the Tun Jugah Shopping Center has been interesting. Yup, I visited Popular and I spotted this...

Since when the Primary School in Malaysia has COMPLETE English Vocabulary in the academic syllabus?? I guess, after studying this particular work book, any primary school student will be equiped with COMPLETE vocabulary, just like a walking dictionary.

Forming the next level of Malaysian English and education... Truly amazing...


  1. I believe there's another book called 'Secondary School Ultimate Vocabulary' bundled together with 'Greatest Grammar for Students'

  2. Good to see sights of Kuching. Yes, it's a bookless city....but if you search hard enough they are loads of little bookrooms/chinese stationary shops where you can find some gems....
    Loved your Christmas list for Santa and if anything, your request for a "companion" will be heard. Just be yourself, settle into Kuching and slowly you'll find fellow "Perth-ian" family..... It's took me 2 years to assimilate back into it will happen.

  3. Yeah, its sad that not many god bookshops left in Kuching. Life back home is good,though i miss Perth. Christmas at Home is definitely priceless...