Monday, November 28, 2005


Telstra is an Australian privatized national telecommunication service provider company. All core land-lined telephones in Perth now are wired with Telstra. Moreover, Telstra also provides other services like Internet connection, cellular phone services and IDD calls. From what I remembered in Perth, Telstra offers the most costly service in everything in comparison to other competitors. Coming from Kuching, being super economically calculative, I instinctively would go for other more valuable and cheaper options than Telstra. I used Optus prepaid for my mobile phone, and my housemates and I opted for WestNet Broadband connection instead of the severely overpriced Telstra during the stay in Perth. We, from Kuching would go for anything cheap-cheap-cheap. Money matters.

Of course, paying more for Telstra would mean obtaining better service and higher quality end product. Back in my days in the residential college, Currie Hall, all the phones are wired and exclusively locked with one service provider only: Telstra thus we had to purchase separate Telstra calling cards to make an external call. As troublesome as it may be, Telstra calling card was a must-have item back in those days. When I moved out of the hall, I stopped using Telstra calling cards since our main phone line at home is directly linked to Telstra and we could make phone calls directly, similar to any Telekom Malaysia house phone service.

Those are the Telstra Calling cards i used back in college days, bloody expensive i tell you..

When I came back from Perth, I have been going around Kuching, and I tell you, there are times I still think I might be back in Perth. Seriously….

I honestly believed that was Tel-STRA until I rubbed my eyes and stared at it another time…


Man, I know Tel-STRA from Australia was successful and has gone international and all…. But Tel-STAR in Kuching is just simply amazing….. So much for copyright protection.. Hmmphhh !!


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