Saturday, November 05, 2005


Hours and hours of tiresome, energy draining, brain consuming work --> revision for the coming finals exam. My mind is soooo messed up right now... STRESS is killing me...

There are times i have reached the boiling point.. i just cant take it anymore...

Exams are pointless. Students are struggling so damned hard.. sleepless days and nights.. just to crack in some more facts that might or might not be tested in the coming paper. Furthermore, most of the materials covered in the final exams will probably be forgotten in the near future, and no application whatsoever will be observed in the subsequent career that follows. What a waste of effort and time. Exam, what a lame tool to judge and reflect a student's capability and understanding. Seriously, i think exams are ridiculous.
There is nothing that can be done about this anyway, since exams will be the determining factor of success and failure in eductaion. I myself share the equal frustration and stress of preparing for my finals.
Here is what i do, to counter my STRESS.
1) Counter Strike. Killing has always been rewarding. It is even more satisftying when you actually do feel like killing someone. Stress --> anger --> hatred --> KILLING !!

Yeah.. HEADSHOT !!

2) When my mind is about to break, i resolve to watching movies, dramas, animes.. etc. While studying, i usually leave my laptops on, with the file sharing software, limewire, downloading popular shows like Desperate Housewives, Smallville and some animes. The latest anime i watch now is Samurai Champloo. Man... at the Stress State of my mind now... seeing those samurai and blood slashing actions do help substantially.

Hah.. typical sword swinging action.. similar to my all time favourite, Rouroni Kenshin (Samurai X)

3) Hmm, in a room, with closed doors, with broadband internet connection, and a laptop. Entertainment is brought directly from all over the world. No .. there are not many types of entertainment that can truly fulfill a desperate, lonely, loveless, hopeless and STRESSED out young boy... *ahem*

Not suitable for general viewing...

4) This is relatively effective in relieving some of my stress intensity. BLAST my mp3 music with my baby Philips ... Yeah.. MUSIC is the therapy !! We must wake up the neighbourhood share our joy and passion of music mah... sharing is a good virtue after all...

My precious baby Philips kick ass !!!

5) Eat eat eat.. and sleepZzzzzzz...

Now lets see... what are the factors affecting the phreatic surface location of a tailings dam..... hmmmm...

I have no idea. Arrrrgghhh... STRESSSSS !!!


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