Friday, November 04, 2005

Selamat Hari Raya !!

To all my dearest Malay friends back home in Kuching, Zaim, Kevin, Zaki, Awang, Fizzy, Nazrul, Aziz, Mizi, Fatin Hanum, Jaja, Hamka, Razif, Hazry, Indera, Kamarul, and all good guys that i have known, Have a joyous celebration !!!
Also to my friends here in Perth, Nazli, DIn, Farhan, Asraf, Ikhwan and others, do not despair.. i believe the spirit of celebration is just around, and do take a moment off to indulge yourself. Exam is huge, but im sure Raya is BIGGER.

Really sorry for those i did not mention here.. my first paper is coming up this Monday.... and its really getting late.. my memory is kinda in a mess.. so do forgive me.. and Selamat Hari Raya !!
Well, it does feel awkward this year not being there for the huge celebration. The food, the people.. oohh.. i simply miss those times when we just hop from house to house, and swallow everything savouring those scrumptious delicacies served particularly for the occasion. Last year, i intentionally booked the first flight home right after my last day of exams, (my last day of exam was on 13th Nov, flew right home at 15th Nov last year, 14th Nov was the 1st day of Raya, if i remembered correctly) and still could make it to the Third Day of Raya visiting with some old mates. Ooohh.. those were the times... those were the special times.
I still remember, besides Chinese New Year, Raya is the only opportunity for the whole gang of old pals to hang out and chill together. I mean.. we might not have seen each other for a while, and miss out on each others life... those celebrations are the perfect times for catching up and relive the precious history of brotherhood that we have all shared. Yeah, life was so good back then. Less complications. Less worries. Life was happier.
To those of you who are back in Kuching until the end of the year, do anticipate my return. I shall look you guys up given time and opportunity. Love to patch up the lost times.

Now... how often do you see 4 pink-necked birds lined up in the low-wide open field under bright yellow sun?

Life is full of opportunities. We see different things everyday. It is just the matter of noticing, remembering, and most important of all, making the meaning out of it. The picture shown above might just be one and one time only opportunity in life that most definitely will not ever occur again. Same goes for life. Seize the moment. Do not let opportunities slip by unnoticed. Make life meaningful. Live life in colours.

Lets hope this year's Raya gives a GREAT meaning to all of ya Good ol' buddies !! Be filled with plentiful cheers and joy !!


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