Sunday, November 27, 2005

PC Fair 2005, Kuching

Today my dear friend Jak Yew woke me up and off we went to the PC Fair at Taman Kereta near Ting Pek King Building. I have been there last Friday with Chun Chow and Wendy, but predictably there will be more discounts and greater bargains since today is the last day of the PC Fair in comparison with my last visit. However, i am a little dissappointed after my two visits. Here are my reasons:

1) The PC Fair is not as grand as it used to be.
I remembered the first PC Fair ever held in Kuching, which was back in 2004 at the Kuching Civic Center multi-purpose hall. The number of stalls participating back then easily doubled if not trippled the number of current participating stalls.

2) Familiar Saberkas Faces.
In Kuching, the place to look and hunt for pc stuff and accessories would definitely be Saberkas. Kuching Saberkas is parallel to KL Low Yat Plaza, though not similar in general other proportions. Therefore, the main participants in the PC Fair would be those people from Saberkas, easily identified popular shops like PC-Image, Compumart, Sri-Sarjana and Pro-Com. The sales promoter faces so so familiar one... see them all in Saberkas also sien liaw, now see them in PC Fair... Wah lau !!! Not to my surprise, the items sold are identical and the prices tagged did not difer much from those observed at the parent shops at Saberkas. This detrimentally defects the element of surprise in the PC Fair environment, and people would just go to Saberkas for purchase instead.

3) Less Variety
Honestly, the items showcased in the PC Fair this time are so stereotyped. There are not many new and fresh items on sale. Most of the products displayed are on-going products which can be easily spotted elsewhere, and nothing unique and attractive is introduced in the PC Fair. Dissappointingly many products, including half of the speakers displayed at the pictures shown below are already spotted at the previous PC Fair which was one year ago.

4) Limited walking pathway
Knowing well and predicting that Kuching people are vultures and would stampede on whatever cheap bargains would very well over-crowd such a place, the PC Fair should have been held at larger and more spacious venue to avoid over-congestion. Face it, the showroom allocated at Taman Kereta is just not sufficient to accomodate those God-knows-come from-where Kuching people. The entire layout of the PC fair can easily be divided into 3 seperate lanes, with shops on boths sides of the lanes.

Gosh, it is difficult even to walk around, and trying to scoop around for the products of interest is difficult, when you cant even breathe properly.

We did not stay long at the stuffy over-crowded PC Fair. Jak Yew and I walked out without buying anything. Well.. there is nothing i could purchase in my financially handicapped status anyway. We treated ourselves with something more satisfying in the end..

Yes, Song Kheng Hai is famous for serving great food all under one roof. There are times we had to wait for a table, but luckily that was not the case this afternoon.

I had my delicious ABC Special.... hmmmm...

Yum.. for those of you not in Kuching for PC Fair and the good food.. well.. CRY YOUR HEART OUT !!! Muahahhaaaaaaa !!!!! I certainly hope the next coming PC Fair would be a better one....

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