Saturday, November 19, 2005

My addiction...


It is just something that is impossible to be achieved by any living human on earth. We tend to indulge ourselves into something so lavish and sinfully satisfying. No, i am not referring to sex and drugs, though those two have been preferred options by many anywhere. Of course, my addiction deals with things much less harmful in nature, and easily obtainable with minimal costs. My addiction comes in many forms.

1. Smiths Potato Chips.

Imagine opening a new packet of potato chips, letting the fresh baked aroma fill the air, digging into the packet for the golden pieces, and crunch them down, feeling the rich crispy texture in your mouth. The sound of every munch is as good as the sound of music. Ohhhh.. maybe even better...

Since i came to Perth, i have found this "oversized" potato chips packets at 250g !! Back in Malaysia, the most we could find in smilar packaging would be only 100g, and the popular potato chips avaliable such as Mr Potato is only 75g per packaging. Smiths however, is simply irresistable. Crunchy, fresh and the taste of "fried to perfection" qualities can truly and easily find their way to my appetite, especially the times in between meals. Unlike the potato chips found back home which i would stop eating at a certain amount due to the excessive salt and msg content, I just dig in for more and more Smiths without constantly having to gulp down water to clear my mouth and throat off the extra additives and seasoning.

Particularly, i find myself crunching something crispy like Smiths very, very stress relieving. So God knows how much Smiths i could munch when i am freaking stressed out by assignment and other school work. Oh not to mention those extra dosage during exam times.

2. Indo Mee

Instant food, takes only 2 minutes to turn into a decent stomach filling meal, with perfect authentic flavour that leaves a tinggling after taste sensation in your tongue. Definitely seems like a possible substitute for Kuching Kolo Mee in Perth.

I was never a fan of instant noodles. Not only the tastes usually suck, they are extremely bad for health, heck everyone knows that. Given the circunstances that i was staying in a residential college during my arrival in Perth, instant noodles seem to be a prudent option for late night supper. There was no proper kitchen where we can prepare proper meals. All we have were kettle and microwave oven. I would usually comsume one packet of normal instant noodles, and stop, not because i am already full, but due to the monotonous taste and texture of the noodle itself. Just noodles. Nothing else. To my surprise, Indo Mee stood out from the others. I can eat up to 3 packets of Indo Mee at a given time. Although I am extremely full, i can still go on. I do not know why, but i guess there is something in the seasoning that elongates my limit of appetite. I am not sure if anyone else feels the same, but the more Indo Mee i had, the more i want !!

As crazy as this sounds, i have dangerously consumed untrackable amount of Indo Mee just for supper during the beggining semester of this year. Well, after deciding that no Indo Mee nor any other instant food would do any good to my health, with sheer determination, i managed to stop eating this "drug-addictive-induced-properties" instant noodles in the middle of the year, and safely speaking, i have consumed none ever since.

3. Celine Dion

She sings. She inspires. She boosts my spirit high with her angelic voice. She has the most astounding, amazing and powerful voice any popular female singer could dream off. Her songs move me, and have often given me the strength and courage to carry on, regardless of how many time i listen to her songs.

One thing i would dare say about Dion, i have yet to become tired nor bored of any of her songs. There is something different about her. She sings with passion and fire. She sings with love. She is what i call, a TRUE singer. Her music has a soul. And her music will not die. Her uplifting songs have been my core tunes for study, work, play, while surfing the Internet, and of course, for sleep.

I started to listen to Dion since my secondary days, together with my circle of friends, Mervyn and Libren. Britney Spears' enlarged boobs and Jennifer Love-Hewwitt's slender legs Celine Dion's voice was the object of our obssesion. I guess the reason why i am still addicted to her songs even at this point of life, is because her songs remind me sooo much of my memories and times together with Mervyn and Libren. To me, they are my closest and truest friends. I believe Dion songs somehow binds us together, and whenever we listen to her songs, no matter how far we are, we would remind ourselves of each other. Listening to Dion could briefly travel me back in time and relive some happy and care-free moments in my life. Those, are precious moments. Those are the moments i do not want to forget.

4. Vanilla Coke

Fizzy, black, sweeeeeeet, smooooooooooth and refreshing Vanilla Cola... Gosh.. it is perfect for any time and any place.

Ok, not another junk food. But junk food is meant to be delicious anyway. But my addiction to Vanilla Coke is somehow unique. Because i use it as a combination with my addiction with Indo Mee. Yes, I drink vanilla coke while I cook my Indo Mee, I drink Vanilla Coke while I eat my Indo Mee, and I drink Vanilla Coke after i finsised my Indo Mee. Oh did I mention there was a time i ate Indo Mee almost everyday of the week. Furthermore, I drink Vanilla Coke for breakfast and while i go shopping sometimes. Healthy eating habits? No wonder those 6-packs wont pop out no matter how many sit-ups i do. Damned.

Why i am surrending myself into addiction? Depression. Feeling of unloved, sadness and loneliness must be treated before I do something harmful towards myself and others around me. I admit, there have been devastating moments of my life. Munching Smiths potato chips substantially help ease my worries crunch by crunch, bit by bit. Eating more and more Indo Mee fills up my stomach, and feeling full gives an undescribable satisfaction to the soul, thus relieving part of my sense of problematic life. Vanilla Coke is simply sweet, taking a large amount of sugar brings my body to a rush, quenching my thirst, not only for water and sweetness literally, but the desperation to own and be part of something beautiful in this life. Tragically, Celine Dion was the only person who listened to my every problems and she was there for every drop of tears i shed.

As desperate as i may have sounded, I am sincerely doing FINE. Everyone has their rough times. Lets just say i let those addiction take over temporarily, though my addiction seems to last longer than expected. But once i recover, those addiction slowly fades away. People change. Lives change. My addiction can change too.


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