Friday, November 25, 2005

Love in a BOX

I have had this interesting impression in my mind going on for some time now on how changed Kuching would be since i have been away for a while. Much to my dissappointment, many things stay the same. For the past few days, I have been wandering around, and like usual, there are always interesting "things" to see.

There is this on-going annual charity event, Love in A Box, organised by SEDC allowing the public to drop gifts in boxes, supposingly collected for the needies to brighten their commercialised sorrowful childhood. I wonder if those needy children are ever going to find anything at all... in those boxes...

Yeah, I have been around the usual places like Tun Jugah, Sarawak Plaza, Crowne Riverside Majestic and also Hopoh shopping centre. Those are the places we Kuching people hang around and look-out for sexy babes window shop.
Well, Hopoh is well known for the Lea Center retail store selling good and reasonably priced branded shoes anyway... Look what i found there...

Wah lau eh..... Ah Ma shoes spotted right in the crowd of funky designed sport shoes... And Ah Ma shoes got ADIDAS brand logo embedded on it some more !!! Wah liew !!! Ah Ma nowadays also want to wear ADIDAS !!! Chiak lat ahh !!

This Ah Ma - designed ADIDAS shoes cost RM279 ah !!! Dun play play ok !! Ah Ma ADIDAS is as good as any ADIDAS or NIKE shoes out there....
Therefore, I was seriously considering buying a pair for my dear Grandmother. Looking into my wallet..

Forget the kind thoughts of getting RM279 shoes for Grandma. I am a financially handicapped young boy. Sad.. sad...

After all, life is unfair.


  1. Hi, I like your blog. I have a site on dance shoes maybe we could trade links?

  2. do you know that those ah ma shoes you're talking about are only sold in asia? they should have sell that cheaper lorr..