Sunday, November 06, 2005


Its about dinner time, and everyone in the house is getting hungry.

Robin: Eh malas wanna cook lar, what to eat ahh??
Thiam: Well.. lets see, we have two options, option A - walk all the way to Broadway (40 minutes walk distance away) and have some decent Malaysian/Singaporean dishes, or option B - pick up the phone and call for pizza delivery.
Yew: *stomach growling* huh? anything lar.. *stomach growling again*

After a brief discussion, Option B was adopted. No need to cook, no need to walk to the eatery. Pizza.. delievered right to your doorstep by just one phone call. amazing huh? What lazy people have we turned into these days. And definitely, no washing up after dinner is required. Such a convenient option that is. Yew rang up the pizza place and ordered 2 Large size pizzas... usually pizza delivery time would take less than 30 minutes or so.

It is definitely pass dinner time, and everyone is VERY hungry.

Robin: Eh... how come the pizza not yet come one? One hour liaw worrr
Thiam: Dunno wor... Yew called Dominos liaw worr... just wait lah.. maybe their business too good tonite....
Robin: !!!!!!! *stomach growling*
Yew: Ok ok, i call them again... check see what goes wrong...

It is waaay after dinner time, and yet our stomachs remained empty... everyone is EXTREMELY HUNGRY !!!!!!

Robin: *stomach growling*
Thiam: *stomach growling*
Yew: *stomach growling*
Yew was so hungry he could eat his own pants.

Apparently the pizza delivery boy could not find our house, and got lost somehow somewhere in the friendly neighbourhood of Nedlands. But amazingly after Yew's second call, the guy managed to find our house... and yeah... compensating the confusion and over one and a half hour waiting torture over hunger.. we have got COMPLIMENTARY pizza !! What good customer service they have here !!
WoooHooo !!! Now how often do you get FREE pizza?? I don't mind waiting..

*Burp* ... customer satisfaction guaranteed. I am impressed. Now, if only Pizza Hut can do the same...


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