Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Time passed by. Life slipped by. A world is left behind. Following my feet, I found my way home. Goodbye Perth, for now.

Thanks a lot, Chun Chow and Wendy for the red carpet reception at the airport and bringing me around Kuching. You both are truly awesome.

Part of me wanted to be home. I just feel I need to be home, and my presence is needed somehow. I would feel more secure and belonged in Kuching. However, part of me wants to stay in Perth. When the time of going home actually comes, I wanted to stay a little longer. Maybe I am not ready to leave the world I have built behind just yet. I have this unsettling feeling of unfinished quest all the while on my journey back to Kuching. There was a hint of regret.

Nevertheless, I was glad to be home. After all, it is my HOME.

Side note: I may not update this blog often for the time being until I get an Internet connection at home.


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