Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Exams Coming !!!

Well, it has come to that time of year again. Exam is days away, and summer holidays would be just weeks away. The semester ended. I am so looking forward to be home, and my heart is already halfway there.

Looking at the exam schedule, there is nothing to be felt comfortable about, considering all the units im taking this semester share equal risk of uncertainties. Two of the units, Engineering Practise and Modelling & Analysis are NEW units, firstly introduced this semester, which means, there are no previous exam papers as reference. I am so clueless on what to study or how to approach the problems. Heck, i do not even know what the problems will look like.

Glancing back now, i do feel a little gittery, considering my ever-popular class skipping reputation. I know i missed out a lot on lectures that i did not attend. Well, guess what.. i'd rather sleep at the comfort of my own bed, with full privacy. For me, sleep is not something to exhibit prominently in public.

This semester has been extremely traumatising. I remember those endless nights spent in the computer lab, trying to figure out some silly modelling and analysis assignment. There was even once i stayed up whole night with my team mates from 9pm up till morning, 7am, then we went back home, with no finalised solutions !! That did not end just yet, i washed myself clean, cooked breakfast, munched munched, and at 9am.. i ran back to the computer lab and resumed the assignment task. Was it worth the trouble? That explains the sleep deprivation of everyone in the photos above i suppose.

Well, err... yah.. we were very very very busy in the computer lab.. we were !! seriously.. we really were BUSY !!

The grades returned is definitely NOT equavalent to the amount of effort and time sacrificed for the assignment and projects. Well.. the world is not fair anyway.. life is never fair.
There are desperate times.. when everyone feels damned stressed... and frustration takes over for good... those were the times when explicitly-naughty desires creativity and animal insticnt takes place. Interesting things did happen...

Poor innocent boy got thrown into the waters of Mathilda Bay...

Guilty looking bottles... guess which one i liked best? To be frank.. i only drank the bottle with black fizzy juice at the far left. It tastes.. fabulous !!

For everything that has a beginning has an end... Evereone is ready to jump off the jetty into the deep blue water.... end of suffering and pain..

Through the difficult times, there was happiness and contentment. i find redemption in every smile that i mark on others faces, i find satisfaction in every favor i silently provide, and i definitely find pride in the precious sweet experience that signifies my transference to maturity and adulthood. This semester has been more sweet than bitter.

Lets just hope my exam results say the same....


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