Saturday, November 19, 2005

Birds of Perth

There are many facinating things i discovered while i am in Perth. The sky is bluer, the leaves are greener, and the boobs are bigger. Birds particularly attracted my attention. They can fly, far before any man can. They have touched the clouds, and travelled across the ocean, long before we first did. Hence, i have taken much of my precious time to photograph and identify the wild, care-free roaming birds sighted frequently around Perth. With my very limited biological knowledge and background, i shall identify those birds by their colours. The following are my favourite five birds found in Perth.

Birds of PURITY

Bird colour: white
Location found: University (UWA) coumpound.
Sighting frequency: rare
Decsription: I personally like this one. They come in pairs, and it is very easy to spot them, for their bright white colors contrasting the background. Sometimes, they land on the ground level. They appear calm in nature, and extremely quiet. Their movements are fluid and graceful.

Birds of the OCEAN

Bird colours: White with a hint of gray and black, orange (beak and claws)
Location found: Rivers (Mathilda Bay), beaches (Cottesloe, Scarborough)
Sighting frequency: Extremely common
Descripton: This bird is made popular by the disney movie Finding Nemo, unusually brainless, senseless and careless sea gulls that flocks with others of the same kind by the water side and hunts small fishes. No, Nemo did not travel all the way to Perth, neither did Marlin. They travelled as far as Sydney only, as what the story told. Those sea gulls are very noisy, and they can be a nuisance when there is food present.

Birds of NATURE

Bird colours: Green, blue, yellow, and a hint of grey and black.
Location found: Places with thick bushes and tall trees (Kings Park)
Sighting Frequency: Normal
Description: I like the voice of these birds. They sing beautiful tunes, sweet, light and relaxing. Not sounding annoying and noisy at all, and the distinctive chirping can be easily identified. They commonly rest high up on the trees, and similar to the Birds of Purity, they are often spotted flying in pairs. Their green and blue primary body colours remind me of the environment.

Birds of LOVE

Bird colours: Pink, red, white, grey and a hint of black and white
Location found: Huge open lawn, and low lying trees. University compound.
Sighting frequency: Common
Description: I would have never thought a bird would be pink. Not even in my dreams. This type is the most unique so far, not only are they commonly found, but they are also very tame and friendly !! They land on open lawns, and are not scared away easily by nearing walking by human beings. Very often, these pink birds are spotted in pairs, and this sparks the theme in mind: love and passion.

The Ultimate: Birds of ALL COLOURS

Bird colours: Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, with hints of grey and black.
Location found: Trees near beaches and rivers.
Sighting frequency: Common
Description: This bird is truly a wonder. Why did God paint it with so many colours? Unlike the sea gulls, they do not come down to the ground, and they stay clear off human beings. They rest high up on the trees, making photographing this bird the most challenging task so far. They come in HUNDREDS, possibly thousands in Cotteloe Beach, WA. They are loud, noisy, and very active. They move a lot, and often flying from trees to trees.

Of course, there are many types of other birds available here locally, especially in the deep jungles of King's Park which i would not have the time and resources to record. Heck, the fact that some of those truly interesting birds namely Birds of Love and Birds of All Colours are commonly sighted is really a feast to the eyes, creating a totally refreshing and intriguing sense of atmosphere for leisure walk around the parks in Perth. One can just stand still, with head up staring at the magnificent birds, identifying the colours and their respective unique definitions.

Well, after all, i am a bird.


Bird Colours: Flesh tone-normal, hair color-dark brown
Location found: Born in Kuching, temporarily residing in Perth
Sighting frequency: EXTREMELY RARE..
Description: A lonely Bird. One of its kind. Unlike other birds that come in a huge crowd or pairs, it roams alone, longing desperately for care and love. This Bird has tried to fly a dozen times before, but each time he fell down and it hits harder and harder to the ground everytime he falls. This Bird is very noisy at happy times, and quiet at sad times. This Bird loves to eat Char Kuaw tiaw, and drink Vanilla Coke. This Bird has done some horrible mistakes in the past that he wishes he could undo. This Bird has broken dreams, and countless scars, only time will heal. This Bird has been LEFT BEHIND. This Bird, is simply called ROBIN.

Nevertheless, this Bird will always stay true to his words, love and care for his friends and family, and this Bird will find its way to the people around him eventually.

Broken wings will mend in time, one day, the ROBIN shall fly again.

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