Monday, October 31, 2005

Lets Celebrate !!

The 2nd semester of 2005 has officially ended, and that can only mean two things, 1) holdays final exams are near, 2) time to celebrate !!! Those dreadful assignment reports, project dealines and countless nights spent in computer lab are finally over... hurray !! Coincidentally, a friend's birthday, Wei Thien is coming soon (1st Nov), hence, all there is more to celebrate!!
Of course, the recipe of a successful celebration would be:
- BBQ by the river --> Thanks to Ivy and Ruthie for coming up with the idea, perfect location and timing !! Thanks to Kang Wei, Kwan Chi and Ah di for purchasing goodies and necessities while putting hard effort behind the scene..
- AWESOME food --> Marinated with love and beautiful care by Ivy, those food tastes exclusively scrumptious!! Thanks everyone for lending hands to prepare and cook the food to perfection !!
- LOVELY present ------> Wise Abraham who truly over-indulges himself understands the best tastes of alcohol !!
- BEAUTIFUL surprise --> Neat work, Kelvin !! u truly are amazing being able to bring wei thien out from the house at the right time and speaking the right words. The element of surprise is important, and u are the man !!
- WET WET WET --> BBQ by the river, and yeah, will never be complete with the main event -- dumping the birthday boy into the waters of mathilda bay !! All thanks to Ben and Gan who never got into the water, but managed to get almost everyone else wet !!
On the whole, we had more than just great fun, this trully is a beautiful memory to treasure. The happiness experiences is clearly portrayed in the smiling faces snapped accidentally, as shown in the following photo.

To me, capturing this particular photo is a deeply heartfelt satisfaction and glory to myself, the birthday boy surrounded by friends shining with joy and laughter, in celebration of a sacred event. BIRTHDAY !!
To me, the facial expressions frozen in the image, is simply priceless. The amount of happiness and sincere feelings have surely overcrowded the limited size of the picture taken.

Getting ready to throw Wei Thien into the salty, freezing cold, full of duck and sea gull shit, blue but muddy Swan River water... well.. AGAIN..

BBQ in a beautiful park, by the blue waters of Mathilda Bay, in a fine Saturday afternoon..

A party is not a party without GREAT food... hmmmmm

Three dripping wet buddies.. so how does the river water taste like?

Wei Thien (centre): The River water tastes foul, salty, and full of unidentified smells. it leaves strong stench on my T-shirt.... damned....
Kelvin (left): The water is actually a bit like Smooth Chocolate and Cappucino Coffee, just that its a bit.. well... Cold.. though it has the right aroma, texture and colour...
Abraham (right): The water ah !! Wah lau eh !! LIke 40% JIm Beam + 20% Bacardi + 15% Absolut Vodka + 10% Chivas + 10% Bombay Saphire + 5% Teh C Peng... KICK ahh !!
For more pictures and details on the ocassion please visit the UWAlife.

Thanks again, everyone for making this event a successful one. To Wei Thien, we all hope you have a GREAT BIRTHDAY !! May your deepest and wildest fantasy wishes and dreams come true !!


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